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This year at The Middle School Ministry Campference, Kenny and I led a breakout called Our Best Games and How We Play Them. But this, friends, wasn’t your typical breakout. In this breakout, we didn’t just tell you about our favorite games. We actually played them together. And if you missed it, I’m sad for you, because it was so fun.

If you couldn’t make it to the breakout festivities (or if you did make it, but you were having so much fun you forgot to take notes), this blog post is for you. Here are the 12 games (and links to their instructions) that you missed…

Grab the instructions for Bubble Wrap Roulette from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Duct Tape Round-Up from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Dueling Unicorns from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Elephant Wars from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Emojipedia from XP3 Middle School Curriculum!

Grab the instructions for Ice Cream Whistle from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Life-Sized Guess Who from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for National Flashlight Day from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for our On-the-Spot Showdowns from SYCU!

Grab a copy of PHARISEES: The Party Game from SYCU!

Grab the instructions for Stocking Face Tug-O-War from SYCU!

Grab a copy of Wits and Wagers from Amazon!

I’m pretty sure the Middle School Ministry Campference is the only place in the world where I could get grown adults to…

  • Put stockings on their heads.
  • Attack each other while wearing unicorn hats.
  • Roll around on the floor covered in duct tape.

And for that reason, it’s my favorite middle school ministry conference on the planet. Hope you can make it next year!