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Wisdom from the field, for the field.

Church Leader Voices: Jim Powell

  Church Leader Voices highlights the work of church leaders in a variety of ministry settings from around the world. At the age of 78, Jim Powell is on-call 24/7. Since 1997, he has served as the ...

Right Belief. Wrong Life.

The temptation we all face in any level of Bible study is the Living Word of God becoming merely informational instead of transformational.

Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Steve Seamands encourages us to consider John Wesley as a model for how to responsibly welcome the ministry of the Holy Spirit among us.

What’s In a Name?

Simon Peter often responded out of selfish love for himself. The slave and apostle responded out of profound love for God and for others. This move took his entire life, and it will take ours.

Yard Sales on Easter Sunday: Cultural Leadership Lessons from Holy Week 2018

This past Holy Week, three experiences re-shaped the way I understand the relationship between the church and American culture. SCENE ONE: THE TRIP TO THE GROCERY STORE It all started on Palm Sunda...

The Grace and Peace of Puzzle Work

This holy union of the grace of God and the peace of God, forever wedded at the Cross, perfectly reveal the love of God not as an abstract ideal but as a real live person—Jesus Christ, Son of God a...

Jesus and the Temple Tantrum (A Study of John 2:13-17)

The story of Jesus’ cleansing of the temple requires some background information to be fully understood. Read more from Ben Witherington as he explains the significance of this event.

Thanks Tychicus

When our circumstances do not make sense, the only interpreter will be our obedience.

God the Judge: Psalm 7

Psalm 7 portrays God as the great warrior who stands by our side in the battle against evil in which we are engaged.

What Happens When the Church Reads the Bible Out of Context (Part IV)

Some of our most cherished beliefs, songs, and platitudes are based on proof-texting, which means that the original historical and literary context of the Bible is ignored.