Youth Ministry Collective Podcast

Wisdom from the field, for the field.

The World Is Your Parish—But So Is Your Home

As church leaders, who is getting the best of your time and energy? Your children or your parish? Are you able to step out of a pastoral role when it’s time to be father or mother?

Would the Real Seekers Please Stand Up?

Seekers may be people who are lost and searching for God; however, the Bible seems to identify the most earnest seekers as those who already know Jesus.

A Meditative Journey through the Psalms by Julie and Timothy Tennent

This beautiful hardback book is a collection of thoughts on each of the psalms by Timothy and Julie Tennent. While no single meditation could even begin to exhaust the meaning and insight of any gi...

In A Metrical Psalter by Julie and Timothy Tennent

In A Metrical Psalter: The Book of Psalms Set to Meter for Singing, Julie and Timothy Tennent have faithfully set the biblical text into poetical form in a beautiful hardback book—not writing new p...

Creating Multiplying Church-Planting Movements

In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Ric Thorpe shares how the Church of England transitioned toward a multiplying church-planting movement that has, from the outset, the intention of planting c...

Only Two Kinds of People

The gospel is not concerned with fairness but with grace.

Why God’s Plan Is Not For My Life

God's plan is not for my life. My life is for God's plan.

7 Things the Bible Teaches About Repentance

What does the Bible teach about repentance? Read these seven quick points to discover a biblical summary of this essential Christian practice.

Are You Adopted?

Salvation isn't a one-time transaction in a ledger in the sky, but the unending full faith and credit of every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.

Light in Darkness: Psalm 4

As Christians, we remember that God sent his Son into the world to restore the honor that rightly belongs to him.