Quick Overview:

Ever had a super warm summer day and your looking for a great game for your youth group? Are you looking for an enjoyable game to play at summer camp? Look no further… this game is sure to be a hit! Like traditional volleyball with a fun new spin!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Water Balloons. 100-200 of them. If your wondering how in the world you can inflate all of those just look to Amazon. Pick up a couple packs of THESE.

2. Volleyball Net. If you cannot get your hands on one of these then you can always tie up a rope at about 8ft high between two trees.


Fill up all your water balloons and place them in a plastic trash can filled with some water. You fill it with water to help cut down on the friction of the balloons and less of them pop!

Set up your volleyball net and your all set

Game Play:

At a volleyball court split all your students up into two teams, each team will take turns throwing a water balloon to the other side of the net. If the balloon pops on the other side of the net it is the team who just threw the balloon is awarded a point. But if the team catches it they will return it and continue to volley the balloon until it pops. Make sure each throw is underhand and that no one pulls down on the net. Have fun and get ready to get soaked!

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