The Volunteer Youth Leaders Podcast

This podcast exists to equip, train, and inspire volunteer youth leaders to be the best they can be as they invest in the lives of young people! Student ministry can be tough, and we want to help you as you are helping students.

NEW LEADERS: Sunday Nights (Summit Church leaders)

This is a step by step walk through of what you should be doing on Sunday nights as an Elevate leader!(with a few surprise songs for you)    

New Leaders- Summit Student Ministry Vision

New Leaders Training- Summit Church Student Ministry. This is where we are going and the dreams God has put in our heart for the future as we reach, raise & release a generation for his glory!

Summit Church: Elevate Fall Retreat Leaders Podcast

This is the leaders podcast for anyone who is coming to serve at Summit Church’s 2016 Fall Retreat!  Nov 11-13, 2016 To access to small group leaders guide for the retreat, click here!

Begin with the End in Mind

This is a podcast all how to have a long-term impact as a youth leader and how the way you leave can either ruin that or make that a reality! This is an important podcast for everyone who works with teens to think about!  

8 More Ideas for connecting with students outside church

Here’s 8 more practical ideas for how you can connect with students OUTSIDE of church!  Do some of these things and it will make you a better & more effective youth leader!  So take a few minutes and maybe one of these ideas will help you to better connect with some students who you care … Contin...

8 Ideas for Connecting Outside of Church

Youth Ministry is about relationships, and this podcast will give you 8 ideas of how you can build and strengthen relationships with your students outside of church!  These are practical ideas that you can implement immediately!

The #1 Thing People Look for in a Leader!

This is the foundation of leadership! Research from around the world over 35 years points to this one trait that is essential for all youth leaders! Quotes and research cited in this podcast come from the book: The Leadership Challenge by: Kouzes & Posner

Mini-Back Off Wall

This is the first in a series of mini podcasts that will be 5 min or less.  Packed with quick yet practical and helpful hints to help you be a better youth leader! Shout out to Family Force 5 for the song to help us with this one!


There are some things we cannot control, but our attitudes we can choose!  This podcast talks about some of the essential attitudes you need to have in order to be a great youth leader!

Middle Schoolers excited about church!?

My name is Adam and this is my first ever real blog post! I am the Middle School pastor at Mission Hills Church. ( My wife and I moved to CO in September to join the Mission Hills Staff. God has called us to the awesome adventure of making Him known in the lives of … Continue...