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Toe Jam: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Who doesn’t like getting their feet wet with a fun game. Let’s see how strong your students feet are as they try and collect some slippery marbles from a kiddie pool.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Kiddie Pool. Any kiddie pool will do, hard plastic or inflatable, it doesn’t matter!
2. Marbles.You will want a bunch of these. You can get them pretty cheap so buy around 100 so you can have more than enough.
3. Collection buckets. Anything container that is the same shape and size for each contestant will do here. They just need something to put the marbles in after they collect them.
4. Plastic Tarps. You will want to lay this down under the kiddie pool so that you don’t get your carpet soaked.


Lay out your plastic tarps below where the game will be played
Place your kiddie pool in the middle of your tarp
Put 4 collection buckets around the kiddie pool
Fill up your kiddie pool using warm soapy water. The more suds your have the better so they have to feel around with their toes to get the marbles instead of spotting them from above the water.
Place about 50-100 marbles in the kiddie pool depending on how big it is and how many marbles you want in the pool.

Game Play:

Find four contestants that will be willing to take their shoes and socks off.
Have them standing inside the kiddie pool.
They can only use their feet to collect marbles and place them in the collection buckets.
After 60 seconds the contestant with the most marbles in the bucket is the winner.

Connect With Us:

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