The Worst Youth Ministry Podcast

Just a couple of guys being real about ministry. The good, the bad, and the very ugly… Whether you are in youth ministry, a volunteer, or just dedicated to working in the Kingdom, we want you to be a part of the conversation.

Anyone else celebrating Ash Wednesday?

Join Andrew from Ohio and Andrew from the frozen tundra to talk through this together. 


Meet a new student at school? Now What?

Andrew, Andrew and Ryan work through how to meet new students and bring them into the ministry.


Exegetical Hour: Romans 10

Just to try something new for the cast Jared, Andrew and Daniel work through Romans 10 and how to teach it to students for the first exegetical hour of the WYM Podcast. 


A Students Wants Jesus...What Happens Next

Andrew, Ryan and JR talk about next steps with students who say yes to Jesus. Let us know on the FB page what you do.


Sunday School versus Youth Group

JR and Jared help Andrew take on new thinking for his weekly programs to help it from going stale. 


How to Grow Your Youth Group

Some things we agree with and some things we didn't. 


Sanctification in Student Ministry

Let us know on the Facebook page what you think about walking through this with students. 


Views of Atonement

Join us as we talk about views of what happened on the cross and why it matters. 



What do you loose if God is not all powerful, and why should our students care.

Hey Gang, Andrew, Jared, JR and the other Andrew look at God's all knowingness and see if it is as disposable as process theology would say it we are nerds. 


Seminary While Pastoring

Andrew, JR, Daniel, and Jared talk about balancing their minutes while in school.


Churches and their Tax Exempt Stauts

Andrew talks to Aaron Baer of the Citizens for Community Values about the church Tax Exempt status. What will the future of this status be, where did it come from? Check it out.


Apologetics in Youth Ministry

Ryan from youth pastors for Sound Doctrine along with host Andrew talk about how to do apologetics with kids. 


Interview with Scott Russ on Confirmation as a tool of Discipleship

Join Scott and Andrew to look at this oft overlooked method of connecting Kids to Jesus.


The Pastors on Fire

Daniel and Andrew Talk about past and current feeling of burnout and what to do about them. The spend some time with an article found here


Eating Your Young

Jared and Andrew talk about how to disagree with Grace.


Bah Humbug

Man I can't stand this time of year. It is good to know I am not alone. 


The Virgin Birth

This week we look at why the virgin birth is so important to our faith. 


We are better together.

This can be a lonely job, it is important to have friends around you.


Chap Clark Interview

In October we got to interview Chap Clark and we addressed some of our big questions surrounding some of the more controversial questions of Youth Ministry. It was great to diologoue with an expert...


WYM Apology

I know we have not put anything out in a while here is apology and a commitment to do more.


Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

This week Drew and Andrew breakdown a recent article that claims not everything happens for a reason. Do you agree? Check out our thoughts and let us know yours on our facebook page!


Drew and Andrew Take on Television

This week is a fun episode. Drew and Andrew talk about the television sows that most reflect our current cultural climate, as well as get carried away gushing over The Office and Stranger Things, a...