The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been translated into 40+ languages. Newsweek calls him “the world’s best human guinea pig,” and The New York Times calls him “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk.” In this show, he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

#230: The Secrets, Tactics, and Creative Processes of High Performers and Achievers -- Debbie Millman

This is round two for Debbie Millman, whose first interview on this show quickly became one of the most downloaded episodes of all time (listen to it here).

Graphic Design USA has named Debbie Mill...


#229: Ricardo Semler -- The Seven-Day Weekend and How to Break the Rules

Ricardo Semler (@ricardosemler) is the former CEO of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known perhaps for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering.

During his lea...


#228: The Lion of Olympic Weightlifting, 62-Year-Old Jerzy Gregorek (Also Featuring: Naval Ravikant)

Jerzy Gregorek (@TheHappyBody) immigrated from Poland to the United States with his wife, Aniela, in 1986 as political refugees. He subsequently won four World Weightlifting Championships and estab...


#227: Conquering Fear and Reducing Anxiety - Caroline Paul

Caroline Paul (@carowriter) returns to the podcast by popular demand for a round 2 Q&A. (You can catch her first appearance here.)

Caroline is the author of four published books. Her latest is the ...


#226: How to Not Be Evil - Dr. Phil Zimbardo

Dr. Philip Zimbardo (@PhilZimbardo) is one of the most distinguished psychologists in the world and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. He is arguably best known for his 1971 Stanford Pris...


#225: John Crowley -- The Real-Life Captain America and Bruce Banner (Seriously)

John F. Crowley is the Chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, a publicly traded biotechnology company, which he helped to found in 2005 and is now a 300+ person company in 22 countries. John's in...


#224: The Random Show - Drinking Urine, Exploring Japan, and Figuring Out Life

Coming to you from a late night in rural Japan, this is a special edition of The Random Show.

Per usual for The Random Show, I am joined by Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), serial entrepreneur, world-class...


#223: Calming Philosophies for Chaotic Times -- Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett (@KristaTippett) is a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author. She created and hosts the public radio program and podcast On Being and curates The Civ...


#222: Jerrod Carmichael - Uber-Productivity and Dangerous Comedy

Jerrod Carmichael (@NotoriousROD) is pushing the boundaries of comedy with his groundbreaking work in stand-up, television, and film. Now just 29 years old, what this driven North Carolina native h...


#221: Mr. Money Mustache — Living Beautifully on $25-27K Per Year

Mr. Money Mustache (@mrmoneymustache -- Pete Adeney in real life) grew up in Canada in a family of mostly eccentric musicians. He worked in various tech companies before retiring at age 30. Pete, h...


#220: Soman Chainani — The School for Good and Evil

Soman Chainani (@SomanChainani) is a detailed planner, filmmaker, and New York Times best selling author.

Soman's debut fiction series, The School for Good and Evil, has sold more than a million co...


#218: The Most Feared and Well-Liked Journalist in Silicon Valley - Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) has been called "Silicon Valley's most feared and well-liked journalist" by New York Magazine. Here's just one example: you can graph the impact on Yahoo's stock price b...


#217: The One-Minute Workout Designed by Scientists -- Dr. Martin Gibala

Martin Gibala, Ph.D. (@gibalam) is a professor and chair of the kinesiology department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His research on the physiological and health benefits of high-int...


#216: Arnold Schwarzenegger Part 2! Bodybuilding, Investing, and Online Battles

Arnold Schwarzenegger (@Schwarzenegger) told you he'd be back.

In our first conversation (episode 60), the former Mr. Olympia, Terminator, and Governator shared lessons learned, daily routines, psy...


#215: The Return of the Money Shot

Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

She is the executive producer and, along with Michael Patrick King, co-creator of the Emmy-nominate...


#214: How to Design a Life - Debbie Millman

For some of you, this may be most important podcast episode you ever listen to.  I don't say that lightly.

It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my guest, who walks us through grip...


#213: Fasting vs. Slow-Carb Diet, Top $150 Purchases, Balancing Productivity and Relaxation, and More

We're going to kick off the year with an in-betweenisode where I answer the most popular questions you've submitted.

If you're wondering what you can do to ask a question that gets answered in the ...


#212: 2016 - What I've Learned

This episode is a review of the past year. Since it's been a common request, I thought I'd run through what I do at the end of a year. For the last 6 years, I no longer write resolutions. Instead, ...


#211: A.J. Jacobs: Self-Experimenter Extraordinaire

A.J. Jacobs (@ajjacobs) is a kindred guinea pig of self-experimentation who chronicles his shenanigans in books that seem to keep winding up as New York Times best sellers. The Know-It-All was abou...


#210: Becoming the Best Version of You

This is a special episode of The Tim Ferriss Show. The audio is from a live conversation with not one, not two, but three guests: Josh Waitzkin, Ramit Sethi, and Adam Robinson.

Josh Waitzkin is an ...


#209: The Random Show Threesome -- Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, and Matt Mullenweg

My first live podcast in New York City was recorded at the 92nd Street Y to a sold-out crowd of about 900 people.

This episode comes from The Random Show segment of the evening when I took the stag...


#208: Ezra Klein -- From College Blogger to Political Powerhouse

Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) is founder and editor-in-chief of Vox, an explanatory news organization that now reaches more than 100 million people each month through articles, videos, newsletters, and p...


#207: Tools of Titans: Brené Brown Distilled and Other Goodies

Dr. Brené  Brown (@BreneBrown) is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Brené's 2010 TEDx Houston talk, The Power of Vulnerability, has been viewed more...


#204: Tools of Titans: Josh Waitzkin Distilled

Josh Waitzkin is an endlessly fascinating person who gets mentioned a lot on this show for good reason (and he's been a guest not just once, but twice).

He was the basis for the book and movie Sear...


#202: Tools of Titans: Derek Sivers Distilled

Derek Sivers(@sivers) is one of my favorite humans, and I call him often for advice. Think of him as a philosopher-king programmer, master teacher, and merry prankster. Originally a professional mu...


#201: The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour: Meditation, Mindset, and Mastery

I'm excited to bring you a little taste test of a new show format that I've been working on -- The Tim Ferriss Radio Hour.

After 200 conversations with a variety of fascinating people, including Ar...


#200: Susan Garrett -- Master Dog (and Human) Trainer

Susan Garrett (@susangarrett) is an incredible dog trainer. She has a B.Sc. in animal science, and for more than two decades has been one of the most consistently successful competitors in the spor...


#199: Stephen Dubner -- The Art of Storytelling and Facing Malcolm Gladwell in a Fist Fight

Stephen J. Dubner (@Freakonomics) returns to the show. He is an award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality. He is best-known for writing, along with the economist Steven D. Levi...


#198: Charles Poliquin - His Favorite Mass-Building Program, His Nighttime Routine For Better Sleep, and Much More

Charles Poliquin is back for another round of the podcast. Charles (@strengthsensei) is one of the best known strength coaches in the world. He has trained elite athletes from nearly 20 different s...


#197: Drunk Dialing -- Ladies Night Edition!

By request, we have another drunk dialing episode (the most recent one can be found here, and the original can be found here).

This one is a little different as it's a Ladies Night edition. Some of...


#196: Meet the Machine, Dave Camarillo

Dave Camarillo (@DaveCamarillo) was my long-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) coach (see him kicking my ass repeatedly here). Put simply, he is a machine.

On the Mat once said: "It's funny that everyb...


#195: David Heinemeier Hansson: The Power of Being Outspoken

David "DHH" Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh) is the creator of Ruby on Rails, founder and CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), and the best-selling co-author of Rework and Remote: Office Not Required. Oh...


#194: The Magic and Power of Placebo

Erik Vance (@erikvance) is an award-winning science writer based in California and Mexico City. After working as a scientist on research projects dealing with dolphin intelligence and coastal ecolo...


#193: My Life Extension Pilgrimage to Easter Island

This episode was a blast.

It was a tropical exploration of biology, life extension, and all good things. This included a lot of Carmenere wine and good old-fashioned ball busting.

I was joined by:


#192: The Return of Drunk Dialing

Thanks to the gin I had tonight, this is a special episode. It is a drunk-dialing Q&A with you guys -- like we did around this time last year to celebrate the 100th episode. In preparation, I solic...


#191: The Art and Science of Learning Anything Faster

This is a special episode because it doesn't focus on the lessons of one particular person. Instead, I explore the tips, tricks, and framework I've used to learn just about any skill.

This is the m...


#190: Matt Mullenweg on the Characteristics and Practices of Successful Entrepreneurs

Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt) is most associated with a tool that powers more than 25% of the entire Web: WordPress. He's also the CEO of Automattic, which is a multi-billion dollar, fully distribute...


#189: Shay Carl on Wealth, Parenting, and the Future of Video

This is another special in-betweenisode. It's a little shorter than the normal long-form episodes, and it features a Q&A with Shay Carl (@shaycarl).

If you missed our first interview, Shay's story ...


#188: Dom D'Agostino on Disease Prevention, Cancer, and Living Longer

Dr. Dominic "Dom" D'Agostino (@DominicDAgosti2) is one of my most popular guests, and I'm happy to have him rejoin the show for the third time. (You can listen to Dom's first appearance here, and h...


#187: Jocko Willink on Discipline, Leadership, and Overcoming Doubt

"Don't count on motivation; count on discipline." - Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink (@jockowillink) is one of the scariest human beings imaginable.

He is a lean 230 pounds. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu ...


#186: Tony Robbins on How to Resolve Internal Conflict

"You can't be grateful and angry simultaneously." - Tony Robbins

The last time Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins) was on the show, so many listeners found this one exercise helpful that they suggested I f...


#185: Practicing What You Preach

My job is usually to deconstruct world-class performers and tease out their routines and habits you can use.

But in this in-betweenisode, I'm going to present some short nuggets of practical, tacti...


#184: Shep Gordon - The King Maker on His Best PR Stunts, Hugest Failures, and Practical Philosophies

Shep Gordon (@SupermenschShep) has been named one of the "100 most influential people" by Rolling Stone magazine. He is the man behind some of the biggest names you've ever heard.

If you like the s...


#183: Cal Fussman: The Master Storyteller Returns

Cal (@calfussman) is a New York Times bestselling author and a writer-at-large for Esquire magazine, where he is best known for being a primary writer of the "What I Learned" feature.

The Austin Ch...


#182: Jason Nemer - Inside the Magic of AcroYoga

My guest on this episode of the podcast is Jason Nemer, co-founder of AcroYoga.

Jason is an incredible character, who travels the world with next to nothing. He introduced me to my latest obsession...


#181: How to ‘Waste Money’ To Improve the Quality of Your Life

This episode is not going to deconstruct a world-class performer, per usual. This is a short, but very actionable and practical episode about the inner workings of my business.

I was asked recently...