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Join Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Katie Edwards & Jason Carson for another weekly “team meeting.” They will dive into your youth ministry questions, take time to encourage you, discuss ministry, and laugh together. It is just enough youth ministry so you don’t feel guilty for listening. Check out some of the amazing resources and fantastic youth worker community at:

Episode 321: The Show That Almost Wasn't

Episode 321: The Show That Almost Wasn't
• DYM100 memories
• Gifts from Jeff Selph
• Coming back from a 90-day probation period
• Helping a new hire (2nd person) succeed in this position
• Tips for...


Episode 320: Another LIVE SHOW at #DYM100WK2

Episode 320: LIVE at DYM100 Week 2!
• Special guest(s)
• Youth Workers love Pin Trading!
• Doug is a Magic Nerd
• Youth Worker becomes Senior Pastor
• Staying current in Youth trends
• Moving from ...


Episode 319: LIVE at DYM100!

What are weekly, monthly, annual markers of ministry health? What is the most efficient system of follow-up you've ever implemented? What are your Pro Tips for getting 7th graders plugged in to a 7...

Episode 318: Building Bridges

Building bridges with other churches in your area, bringing on new team members, church members/attendees following you to a new church, starting a new program to serve the church

Episode 316: Surprise Guest: Matt McGill

// Episode 316: Surprise Guest: Matt McGill! //

Episode 315: LIVE at the Orange Conference

// EPISODE 315 // Live at the Orange Conference

Episode 314: The One Before Orange

// EPISODE 314 // Shot right before we left for Orange Conference!

Episode 313: The New Studio

// EPISODE 313 //
• New Studio!
• A thank you to Fadi & the principle of thank you
• Tips on meeting with your team
• DYM University
• Service Project Tips
• A Story of Side-Hustling


Episode 312: The 7 Year Itch

*EP 312:*
• Derry’s recommendation for DYM100
• Who’s your favorite kid?
• Staying fresh and energized during the 7 year itch
• What are you reading?
• Meeting etiquette


Episode 311: Katie's Back!

• WINNER of Podcast Review Contest! Congratulations to the winner of a FREE Registration to DYM100! (Watch the episode to see if you’ve won!)
• Lessons from Katie’s canceled Winter Camp & Rwanda Tr...


Episode 310: Single in YM, Side Hustle & Missions Trips

• Dealing with checked out upper classmen
• How to be single in youth ministry
• Side hustling to support your family
• Mission Trip Covenants
• Leading up and Leading Across in a Purpose Driven mo...


Episode 309: Taco Time! (Sponsored by JD Miller)

• How to stay motivated when life is extremely difficult
• How to convince your Senior Pastor that you need a DYM Membership
• How to find boundaries as a “Doer”
• How to get visibility for your yo...


Episode 308: Mrs. Fields

// 308 // With the beautiful and wise Cathy Fields!
• It’s not too late to apply for DYM100!
• "How DYM resources saved our Camp”
• “Side-Hustling” to supplement your income
• Overcoming a plateau ...


Episode 307: Hillary Brings Poppy!

The attempt at FB Live, Free DYM100 registration to ONE lucky podcast listener! How to take on/take over a College Ministry, young adults Ministry & more

Episode 306: Successful YM, Solid Volunteers

Successful ministry program/event/strategy/aspect you’ve ever been part of, transition from JH to HS ministry...and from HS to JH, appreciating SG leaders, developing a quality volunteer team, is i...

Episode 305: Producer Elliot Gets Hired

*Episode 305:*
• Star Wars or Pro Athlete
• New Year’s Resolutions
• Encouragement from Joel Friend
• Helping a Student stay connected after a break-up
• Questions to ask when partnering with paren...


Episode 304: Out of Focus

This legendary episode is full of great content, and you'll love it even though it was shot entirely out of focus … because this is just the audio only version. Whew!



Episode 303: Youth MInistry Q&A

• How do you handle discipline for a few in a large group setting?
• Training student leaders: ministry budget or fundraising?
• Building a relationship with your Senior Pastor


Episode 302: The People’s Questions

• A follow-up on the weekend off
• Open emails at Saddleback JHM
• How to encourage your Small Group Leaders
• Coaching younger leaders on emotional need boundaries
• Caring for an adult leader wit...


Episode 301: Under Construction Studio

*Episode 301*
• DYM100 celebration and stories
• Overall principles when designing a youth room
• Sharing with your spouse: keeping them informed vs keeping them protected



Episode 300: LIVE show from #DYM100

* // EPISODE 300 //*
This show as a blast from the past reunion with nearly all of the podcast crew from the entire 10-year run! What an amazing ride it has been, here's to another 300 shows!



Episode 299: 10 Years & Running

Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening.

* // EPISODE 299 //*
• What to do when an elder kid doesn’t support the ministry
• When is ...


Episode 298: HIlary's Here!

Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening.

*// Episode 298 //*
Hilary’s here!!
• Collector’s Edition Mugs
• How to download podcasts


Episode 297: Youth Ministry Office Hours

Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening.

*Episode 297*
• YM Office Hours
• Summertime Tips for helping students transition from Midd...