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Join Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Katie Edwards & Jason Carson for another weekly “team meeting.” They will dive into your youth ministry questions, take time to encourage you, discuss ministry, and laugh together. It is just enough youth ministry so you don’t feel guilty for listening. Check out some of the amazing resources and fantastic youth worker community at:

The Jessica Sanchez Show: Josh Griffin is Back in Youth Ministry!

Josh is back in youth ministry! He works as a youth pastor at Mariners Church in the Junior High Ministry. If you follow him on Instagram @joshuagriffin you've for sure seen he's jumped back into p...

New Year, New Goals

It's the New Year (and a brand new decade!), it's time to get planning! The podcast crew talks about looking back before planning ahead, what goal setting looks like at the start of a new calendar ...

Creative Ways to Boost Attendance

What do you do when you notice your attendance dropping or not rising? Panic? Plan an outreach event? Re-strategize? Curl up into a ball and cry? The podcast crew talks through the internal and ext...

Caring for Hurting Students

Today's conversation is a good one! No matter how "put together" a student appears on the outside, every student will face hurts and challenges at some point in their teenage journey. How should we...

So You're on Staff at a Church

We're still basking in the excitement of Doug Fields being a youth pastor at Mariner's Church, and talking about many of the ins and outs of our experience being on a church staff. Great discussion...

Leaders are Learners: Best Practices for Learning

Strong leaders recognize that they are lifelong learners, so how does that learning take place? The podcast crew shares what learning looks like for them (podcasts, conferences, conversations) and ...

Bringing Out the Best in Students

Such a fun and eye opening conversation with Doug, Josh, Katie & Jessica. How can you develop and bring the best out in your students? Is student leadership the only way to grow leaders in your min...

Doug Fields is a YOUTH PASTOR Again!

The greatest news to hit the youth ministry world is announced in this episode. Listen now!

How to: Sermon Series Planning

The podcast crew is back together and tackle the topic of sermon series planning. Why plan a series vs. doing 1-offs? How exactly do you plan a sermon series? What are some of the teaching topics w...

Dealing w/Conflict in Youth Ministry

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields & Jessica Sanchez talk about conflict in ministry. They share how they personally deal with conflict, what they've learned about themselves and others in conflict, best pr...

How to Make it in Ministry for the Long Haul

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, Katie Edwards & Jessica Sanchez pull from their collective 100+ years (crazy, right?!) of youth ministry experience to talk about longevity in ministry. They talk about w...

Launching Small Groups & Preparing a Killer Youth Talk

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and Jessica Sanchez talk about the weirdest prize ever given out at youth group and so much more. Questions are answered about keeping your senior pastor informed about t...

DYM Presents: The Volunteer Show

We're back with another episode of the Download Youth Ministry Podcast with Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and this week, our friend Jessica Sanchez! We take on all things volunteers and talk youth mini...

Katie Edwards talks burnout, engaging students, and change

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and Katie Edwards talk about burnout looks like and how to catch it before it's too late. Questions are answered about engaging distracted boys in youth ministry and impl...

Special Guest Frank Gil, Reaching Students Digitally & YouTube

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, Katie Edwards and Frank Gil (of 15 Min With Frank) talk about reaching students digitally, (why it's important to be authentic in your digital strategy), YouTube, and the...

Recruiting Volunteers, Training Volunteers, and When Things Go Sideways

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and Katie Edwards talk about everything volunteers answering questions from youth pastors from around the world.

06:14 What are some tips on being the new guy an...

DYM's Breakthrough Movie Special w/Devon Franklin

DYM's Josh Griffin interviews Breakthrough movie producer DeVon Franklin. Breakthrough hits theaters April 17th, 2019. Powerful story of inspiration and faith great for your youth group and church ...

Questions About Senior Pastors

Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and Katie Edwards talk about why Katie never wants to be a senior pastor, how to start off on the right foot with a new senior pastor and more. Doug, Katie, and Josh answ...

Tim Tebow's Run the Race Movie Special: Interview w/Robby Tebow

Run the Race is in theaters February 22nd, 2019! A great inspirational film for your youth group or family with great themes to discuss together. Enjoy this special show with executive producer Rob...

348: McGill is Here ... in Sports Shorts

• McGill’s new role
• Topics/resources for encouraging parents & volunteers
• Helping create excitement during an ‘interim’ season
• Shifting from fun to serious in a middle school program — coaching ...

347: The 30m, 3-Host Show

• Youth Pastor Diet check-in
• Clearing up a Josh faux-pas from Ep 346
• What’s the best way to hire/expand your team //
• The best deal in Orange history… only available ...

Episode 346: Stay Off the Carbs, But in The Word

• New Year’s Resolutions
• Helping convince your church leadership to include time off for conferences instead of using vacation days
• What are some important questions to ask b...

Episode 345: Jason's Back!

Just enough youth ministry so you don't feel guilty for listening.
• Have you ever felt confident you’re where God wants you, but also inadequate in the role?
• Balancing ministering to drama-filled,...

Episode 344: Pan Over To Matt Sitting In the Corner Eating Hot Cheetos

// EPISODE 344: Pan Over To Matt Sitting In the Corner Eating Hot Cheetos //
• Navigating the expectations of your spouse’s and family’s role(s) in the church/ministry.
• How do you communicate with ...

Episode 343: I Can Totally Come Over But I’m Bringing a VD With Me

• How do you climb out of a dry season?
• How do you plan your schedule? FREE TOOL by Doug Fields here:
• National Day of Youth Ministr...