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28 - We Go To Bosco!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see I know BUT I think you will all like this one. We record from the John Bosco Conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville. Insanity ensues and we have a guest p...


27 - WYD

Podcast goes all over the place. Jason goes on talking about his love for Community (Seriously you can skip the first 19 min if you don't like it but if you do Jason will know and he will cry/hate ...


26 - Welcome Back!

Well well well...look who decided to come out from hiding to do an episode! Sorry for the hiatus, but you know...LOTS of stuff going on for both of us. We talk about it in this episode as well as t...


25 - Back in the Saddle Again!

And we're back! And when I mean be "we" I mean Chris is back from his camping trips, confirmation retreats, and other things that we get into. We also talk about our last meeting when I brought in ...


24 - Nic Gutierrez

In today’s podcast we had Nic Gutierrez on. We talk about the first time we met each other, his background, family life, youth ministry (specifically middle school ministry), music, and his great n...


23 - Ben Walther and I go out for Whataburger!

In this episode we do another recording in my truck! This time it’s with the great Ben Walther. We talk about travel stories, music, and may stop at the best place in Texas to stop. If you are look...


22 - Mass is Boring!

We fixed Chris' mic! We also get into how Chris does Confirmation retreats and get into why people are not coming to Mass. We have no answers and are completely guilty of almost everything we talk ...


21 - We have a new mascot!

So today we tried a new way to record (FAIL…Sorry Chris!) we talk about alllll sorts of things; Everything growing up, music, almost failures, and Chris got a new dog! We do talk about youth minist...


20 - Crisis Alert!

Would you know what to do if you were stuck in an emergency while on a retreat, pilgrimage, mission trip, etc.?

Chris went through this very thing. We talk about the steps he took to make sure that ...


19 - Setting Goals & The Game

Welcome 2017! We catch up on what we did over Christmas and Jason complains about mornings. We then talk about setting goals for the new year and talk about the difference between working the "fini...


18 - Paul Latino

In this episode we had the got to interview Paul Latino who is a graphic artist and former Youth Minister. We talk about the his passion for youth ministry and art. We discuss the need for creative...


17: Year in Review

Brace yourself this is a MEGA episode. We talk all things 2016 in a year in review both of the world and within the Church. Chris and I really enjoyed it and we hope you do too! Below are A LOT of ...


16: Everett Fritz

On this episode we had the privilege of speaking with Everett Fritz, founder of St. Andrew Missionaries where he is working to transform youth ministry through discipleship of young people and fami...


15: Apostolic Nuncio

In this episode Chris and I unpack the address that the Papal Nuncio made to the Bishops last week about the upcoming synod on evangelizing the youth. There is some great nuggets! You can follow al...


14: Post Election Potpourri

This episode is a miracle that it’s up! With all the technical difficulties we faced we had to record this 3 times! We talk about post election recap and then talk about the need to evangelize now ...


13: Lock-In's

I lock myself in my closet to talk to Chris to talk about Lock-In's. Oh the stories we tell. We also talk about what's new with us which we both went to a workshop on Charisms. 


12: Edmund Mitchell

It was so great to get Edmund back on the podcast. The Prodigal Son returns! Just kidding. He is off doing amazing things at his parish and with Reverb Culture. One of his newest projects is a new ...


11: Pilgrimages and Evangelization

What's up fine people! On today's episode Jason and Chris share stories of pilgrimages they have been on and why pilgrimages are awesome. They then move onto other random things about the importanc...


10: New Co-Host!

Hey everyone!

On this episode we introduce our new co-host for the podcast, Chris West! And no it's not that Christopher West (although if anyone knows how I can get him on the show let me know!). D...


09: Matt Gill

In this episode I got to sit down for a conversation with my best friend (outside my wife of course) Matt Gill. We talk about his start in youth ministry, moving to different parishes, love of pilg...


08: Sarah Vabulus

Hey everyone! We are back at it again and this time we had the great honor of interviewing Sarah Vabulus aka Catholic Drinkie. If you don't know Sarah yet, you really should go start following her ...


07: Chris Padgett

Welcome back! We had Chris Padgett come on the podcast to talk about living the good life on the farm (dogs and sheep are included!) and the beauty of coming into the Catholic Church. Whether you a...


Where have you been???

Where have y'all been? Oh you know..around. Seriously though we have been CrAzY busy this spring and summer and sadly the podcast took a little time in the backseat. Anyone who is in Youth Ministry...


06: Bob Rice in a Car

Bob Rice came in town for our Fort Worth, TX Middle School Rally, so Jason got to trap him in a car and talk to him about youth ministry. 


05: Mark Hart Interview


This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Hart. We talked about Star Wars, his hair product, Mary, and Youth Ministry. He also answered these questions:

If you weren't doing YM what would ...


04: Best Icebreakers

Today we blitz through some icebreaker ideas and talk about ways to come up with your own and a few resources you can search to find more icebreakers.

Icebreakers Covered:

Ring of knowledge
2 truths a...


03: Scheduling Everything

"I don't have enough time!!!" 

Youth Ministers are notorious for working 60+ hour weeks, staying up late, not taking days off, and drinking gallons of coffee. How do we balance emails, administrativ...


02: Communication. #sowhatdoyoudoallday?


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Center Church
Jesus the Divine Teacher


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