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Slip Ball: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A good ole’ spin on kickball. This game keeps everyone having fun while adding us strategy and difficulty. Definitely a game to try!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. 4 Inflatable Kiddy Pools. These can be found at Walmart or Amazon, you decide.
2. 3 Playground Balls. You standard kickballs will work here!
3. Baby Oil. By baby oil we mean as much baby oil as your local dollar store sells!
4. Big Big Tarp. We remember that 90’s song “It’s a big big house” we want people to say that was a big big tarp. Serious people make it big!


Place your tarp in an open field, we used the bottom section of our 80’x250’ slip and slide where it flattens out. The purpose of the tarp is to make the entire playing field of the game slippery rather than just the paths to the bases. This way even the outfielders have to stay attentive or pay the slippery price. Set up the inflatable kiddy pools in a baseball diamond formation fill them, and douse the entire tarp with baby oil, we would typically empty minimal 4 bottles. It was very slippery.

Game Play:

This game play is a little bit different from regular kickball. We modeled the game play after a version of kick ball where you do not stay on the bases, rather you try to travel to as many bases as you can and each base you get to counts as another point. Rather than having one person kick at a time rather, we would have three kickers kick at one time. Each ball that landed on the tarp had to be returned to the kickers mound by the out fielding team, as soon as all three balls had been returned to the mound the runners could not score any more points and would have to return to the end of the kickers line. Any ball that landed outside of the tarp was not counted as a ball that had to be returned. After each person has a chance to kick the ball, teams would switch and whatever team could score more points would be the winner. This is a great game that gets pretty crazy making it more fun!

Connect With Us:

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