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Five Common Ways Church Leaders Respond to Overload Anxiety – Rainer on Leadership #581

Podcast Episode #581 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify Today’s episode is an important topic in the life of the church leader. Anxiety could c...

Six Questions to Consider If a Staff Member Becomes a Candidate to Be Pastor – Rainer on Leadership #580

Podcast Episode #580 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify Thom and Sam discuss the possible scenarios in which a staff member can transition into...

How to Build a Worship Ministry When You Have Nothing and Nobody – Rainer on Leadership #579

Podcast Episode #579 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify Eric Roberts joins the podcast today to discuss how to build a worship ministry. Eric h...

Five Church Membership Models – Rainer on Leadership #578

Podcast Episode #578 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify Every church has varying membership requirements. In today’s podcast Thom and Sam discu...

Five Key Reasons Many Churches Struggle to Reach Their Communities – Rainer on Leadership #577

Podcast Episode #577 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify The local church is responsible for engaging the community. Many churches today are dec...

A Case Study of an Established Church Adopting a Struggling Church – Rainer on Leadership #576

Podcast Episode #576 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio • Spotify Today’s episode features new co-host Sam Rainer, Lead Pastor of West Bradenton Baptist ...

Goodbye Jonathan, Part 2 – Rainer on Leadership #575

This is Jonathan Howe’s last episode on the podcast. For those who may have missed it, he was recently named the Vice President for Communications at the SBC Executive Committee. So today, we are s...

Goodbye Jonathan, Part 1 – Rainer on Leadership #574

This is Jonathan Howe's last week on the podcast. For those who may have missed it, he was recently named the Vice President for Communications at the SBC Executive Committee. So this week, we are ...

The Six Most Simple Adjustments to Become a Welcoming Church – Rainer on Leadership #573

Your church can become more welcoming regardless of how welcoming you may think it already is. Today we cover six simple adjustments that cost little to nothing that will have exponentially great r...

Getting under the Hood of Church Giving to Increase Generosity in Your Congregation – Rainer on Leadership #572

Increasing generosity is not just about asking for more money more often. It's about building the spiritual discipline of giving.

How Churches Should Respond to Seven Major Changes – Rainer on Leadership #571

We recently highlights seven changes are facing today. In this episode, we discuss how to combat these changes.

Seven Ways to Hurt Your Pastor – Rainer on Leadership #570

We hear from hundreds and hundreds of pastors every week. Many of them are hurting. Today, we cover seven most common ways church members hurt their pastors.

Leading Millennials in Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #569

Troy Pollock from Pushpay joins us today to discuss church technology and how you can better reach Millennials in your church.

Seven Things Pastors Would Like Church Members to Know about Their Children – Rainer on Leadership #568

Children of pastors often feel like they live in glass house. Today, we take a look at an older post from ThomRainer.com on their thoughts about being seen as a pastor's kid.

Seven Things We Should Celebrate Regularly in Our Churches – Rainer on Leadership #567

What you celebrate, you become. And today we discuss ways churches can celebrate how God is working in them and through them.

Seven Major Ways Pastors Discern It’s Time to Leave Their Church – Rainer on Leadership #566

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked relates to when it's time to take a pastorate or leave one. Today we cover seven ways to sense it's time to leave.

Six Reasons Longevity Is Critical for Change Leadership – Rainer on Leadership #565

Change in a church does not happen overnight. Leading a group of people to change takes time. Today we look at six reasons why longevity is so critical to change.

Six Reasons Pastors Must Become Change Leaders – Rainer on Leadership #564

Determining the correct pace of change is often the most important aspect of leading change—because change is needed in nearly every church situation.

Six Reasons Why the Minimization of Numerical Metrics Is Dangerous – Rainer on Leadership #563

Metrics have a bad reputation in some churches. In others, they're too much of the focus. Today, we discus why you should take a balanced approach to metrics.

Six Reasons Why “People Are Saying . . .” Is the Most Frustrating Comment for Church Leaders – Rainer on Leadership #562

When a pastor hears the phrase "People are saying . . . ", it brings a great deal of anxiety. But should it? Today, we discuss the reasons for the anxiety and how to deal with it.

Five Updates on Pastoral Attire – Rainer on Leadership #561

Pastoral attire seems to be a hot issue in almost every church. Today, we discuss the response to another recent podcast on the subject and provide a few updates.

Five Reasons Some Churches Celebrate Debt Retirement – Rainer on Leadership #560

Debt can drag down a church's finances and keep it from being able to minister as it would like to. So when a church retires its debt, it's typically a cause for celebration.

Should Pastors Announce Their Upcoming Vacation? – Rainer on Leadership #559

Pastoral vacations can lead to some disagreements between church members—mainly on whether or not the church should know it's coming. Today we discuss both sides of the issue.

Six Ways a Church Failed the Guest Friendliness Test – Rainer on Leadership #558

Every church thinks they're a guest friendly church. But as we discuss today, guest friendliness is not something at which every church excels.

Six Reasons a Healthy Culture Is Imperative for Inviting Others to Church – Rainer on Leadership #557

Church culture is important to the outreach of a church, and subsequently, how much members will invite others. Today we discuss how inviting can create and improve the church culture.

Six Ways Toxic Members Deter Invitations to Church – Rainer on Leadership #556

When toxic members are present in a church, resources are spent on overcoming the fallout of toxic members. As a result, members are less likely to invite others to church.

Why the Pendulum on Church Metrics May Be Swinging Too Far – Rainer on Leadership #555

There is a pendulum swing in church leadership circles as it relates to the viewpoint of church metrics. Numbers and tracking numbers aren't inherently bad, but they can be abused.

Seven Reasons Why More Churches Are Calling on Interventionists – Rainer on Leadership #554

Churches who want to become healthier often need outside eyes and a fresh perspective. Today, we discuss how consultants (interventionists) can help.

Seven Thoughts on Pastoral Attire in Worship Services – Rainer on Leadership #553

Pastoral attire has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Today, we examine why that has happened and how to adapt to this change.

Six Common Mistakes Made by Preachers from the Pulpit (That Might Get Them in Trouble) – Rainer on Leadership #552

Preachers sometimes say some strange things from the pulpit. Today, we discuss some of the things that get said that can cause problems for a preacher.

10 Responses from Fired Pastors – Rainer on Leadership #551

Almost every pastor has had to deal with being fired—often for little to no reason. Today, we discuss a recent post on the topic and explain it further.

Six Reactions to the Increase of Declining Church Stats – Rainer on Leadership #550

The pace of decline for many churches is accelerating. The stats are quite alarming. Today, we cover a recent post on the topic.

Seven Ways Healthy Church Members Pray for Their Pastors – Rainer on Leadership #549

Church members who are unifying are church members who pray for their church. Today, we discuss seven areas that you can pray for your pastor and church staff.

Seven Ways to Be a Unifying Church Member – Rainer on Leadership #548

Church members who are determined to be unifying can change the entire ethos of a church, and a church with unifying church members is a blessing to a pastor.

Eight Updates on Sunday Evening Services – Rainer on Leadership #547

We've discussed Sunday evening services before on the blog and podcast, but things haven't changed much in local churches. The services are still declining on the whole.

Seven Updated Strategies for the Pastor’s First 90 Days – Rainer on Leadership #546

The first 90 days of a pastor's tenure can set the tone for the future of ministry. Today, we update our discussion on the topic with some new insights.

Six Reasons Why Churches Should Not Abandon the Boomer Generation – Rainer on Leadership #545

The Baby Boomer generation, one of America's largest generations, has shaped our churches for the past 75 years. Today, we discuss how to better reach them as they entire retirement.

Five Intriguing Updates on Gen Z and Churches – Rainer on Leadership #544

America's next generation, Gen Z, is starting to influence and shape the church. Today, we look at five specific characteristics of this generation and how they are influencing the church.

Six Unique Additions Some Churches Have Made to Their Worship Services – Rainer on Leadership #543

Corporate worship is stale in many churches. These six additions can help re-engage your members during corporate worship and spur them to further ministry.

Six Cultural Pastoral Issues Where Pastors Often Struggle – Rainer on Leadership #542

Pastors are faced with different ethical and moral issues in society on an almost daily basis. Today we highlight six major cultural issues facing pastors and churches today.

10 Main Reasons People Leave the Church – Rainer on Leadership #541

Churches lose members and attendees for a variety of reasons. Some good. Many not. Today, we review a recent blog post on the most common reasons people leave the church.

Update on the Early Launches of Pray and Go – Rainer on Leadership #540

When Pray and Go launched earlier this year, we were excited about the potential it had for creating an outward focus in churches. The early reports are strong indicators that this is happening in ...

Five Ways to Lead Your Groups to Become Outwardly Focused – Rainer on Leadership #539

Groups are one of the most important factors in getting people to stick with a church. The community that is built in groups helps your church members become more well-rounded disciples.

Facility Crises and How Churches Are Responding – Rainer on Leadership #538

Almost every church has some kind of facility issue. From being too big or not big enough, facilities rarely match the pace of a church's growth or decline.

New Patterns in Ministry Training – Rainer on Leadership #537

How ministers are trained has radically changed over the past few decades thanks mainly to the rise of digital training. Today, we discuss these changes and where they might be headed.

Hiring Several Part-time Staff Rather Than One Full-time Staffer – Rainer on Leadership #536

The way churches hire staff is changing. Today we begin a three-part series on emerging trends in the church with a discussion on church staffing.

What Pastors Need to Do When They Are Deeply Hurt – Rainer on Leadership #535

Pastors often are hurt by church members or church circumstances. Today we discuss how to deal with this hurt and why you shouldn't just throw in the towel at the first sign of hurt.

Seven Key Ways to Alleviate the Pain of Low Attendance Days – Rainer on Leadership #534

Low attendance days happen in the life of every church. While they are often unavoidable, you can potentially improve them and make them fewer and farther between.

Reaching the Nominally Churched – Rainer on Leadership #533

After discussing who the nominally churched are in the last episode, today we focus on how to reach them.

Understanding the Nominally Churched – Rainer on Leadership #532

To reach the nominally churched and to get them more involved in church, you must first understand them. Today we discuss who the nominally churched are before we discuss how to reach them in the n...