Quick Overview:

This is hands down the coolest game we play each year! Kids love it look forward to it each year, after all who wouldn’t love launching pumpkins across your youth room or parking lot.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Pillars. You can use polls or trees if you have them but it will need to be something that can withstand the pull of the sling shot.
2. Exercise Bands.You can purchase these online. You will want at least 4 bands but 8 will give you the best launch.
3. Colander. We tied the exercise bands to the colander so we could load the pumpkins easier.
4. Tables. We used these as targets to launch at. Each table has a certain amount of points that are awarded if you are to hit that table.
5. Small Pumpkins. We got ours donated from a pumpkin farm after Halloween.



Set up your sling shot using the elastic bands and colander. Make sure you do some testing so you know if it works properly.
Set the round tables down at an angle by only putting one of the legs up. Tape on appropriate points for each table.
Place all small pumpkins next to the launcher.

Game Play:

Pick 2-3 contestants at a time. Let them pull back the launcher and try and get the highest points by hitting the tables. Depending on the number of pumpkins you have will depend on how many pumpkins each team can launch.


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