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Make It or Break It: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is a super fun video-driven youth group game that encourages lots of crowd interaction. There are 25 short video clips of athletes (skateboarders, bikers, snowboarders…) attempting some pretty cool jumps, flips, and tricks. To play the game, simply play the clips – they’ll pause at the pinnacle of each trick so your students can guess: do they MAKE IT or BREAK IT?

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. A Screen. You’ll need the capability to show video clips from a computer.

2. The Video Clips. You can download the 25 short video clips here at Stuff You Can Use.


Load the clips onto your computer. That’s it. The videos take care of the rest.

Game Play:

You can use this as a group game, or as a chance for 1 student to win a prize. We’ve used it both ways. One way we’ve used these clips are to have everyone stand up before we play one, then when the countdown starts, everyone has to run to either the left side of the room for those who think the answer is “Make It”, or run to the right side of the room for those who think the answer is “Break It”. Whichever side is wrong has to sit down, while everyone else continues to play until you crown a winner.

Connect With Us:

Do you have a question about this game? Did you play this game with your group? Did you modify it for your context? Did you add something to it to make it more exciting and fun? Please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! We would love to connect with you and there are thousands of youth workers that would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Do You Know Other Youth Workers?

You know what to do. Share this with them, email this link to them, who wouldn’t want to know about a free archive of Youth Pastor tested games with complete descriptions, pictures, and videos!? Hopefully this website will make their life a little easier.

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