Let’s Talk Youth Ministry Podcast

New podcast about our learnings and experience in youth ministry. Giving a little hope and help.

6 Questions Every Youth Pastor Needs To Ask

A new episode. We take about questions we should be asking ourselves as pastors. Also, AC defends millennial from Kurt's judgmental comments.   

Creating Your Student Leadership Program

We're back and new. We've made some changes to the show and would love some feedback on the new style. We've Got a better sound and the video quality has improved. So let us know what you think. ...

4 Ways We Keep Parents Angry

We talk about ways we create angry parents within our ministry.

Don't Do Ministry Alone + Win 2 FREE SYMC REGISTRATION

Special Edition of Let's Talk Youth Ministry!!!! Simply Youth Ministry Conference is back and we have some GOOD NEWSS!!!!!!! 

Share this Episode and add the hashtag #symc2016 and you will ...

LTYM: 4 Gifts To Give Your Small Group Leaders

Those among your volunteers who lead small groups are vital to your ministry. So we thought we'd spend a little time talking about a few gifts your leaders need you to give them. Their longevity de...

LTYM: Tips On Growing Your Volunteer Team

In this episode, We discuss things you should be doing with your volunteers seasonal and ongoing recruiting.  Send Questions To talkyouthministry@gmail.com Also, rate us wherever you're listening t...

LTYM: 3 Youth Ministry Principles

Hey #ymnation we are committed to keeping the show 20min. We are mindful of your time, and love sharing what we're learning with you. Share and Subscribe!!!!!! 
1. Don't over think, but think. 2....

LTYM: 4 Ways To Make Small Groups Attractive To Students

We have more students in small groups than we do on the weekend. So for the next two shows we will be talking about small groups. This week we answer the question. What will attract a student to j...

LTYM: Women In Youth Ministry

In this episode, we inquire the wisdom of three women serving in youth ministry. We discuss youth ministry being dominated by males, how to make sure everyone is being ministered to and being sing...

5 Tips For Youth Workers

In this episode I call on Kurt's 25 years of experience. Check it out!!
If you've found any of this would you help us encourage another youth worker and share it. Thanks!!
Also, rate us. That's a...

LTYM: Navigating Tough Conversations

AC and Kurt shares two tips each on how to navigate tough conversations. Thanks for listening!! 

LTYM: A Few Tips For The Summer.

In this episode, we discuss modesty in youth group when it comes to clothing by the pool. We also discuss ministry grade transitions. Subscribe to receive new episodes to your inbox!!!! Send Questi...

LTYM: What About Small Churches???

In this episode, we talk about small churches and some of the traps we find ourselves in as youth workers. You can send questions to talkyouthministry@gmail.com.

LTYM: Help, My Youth Attendance Has Dropped!!!!

This episode we talk about what to do when your attendance takes a dive, and ways to become a better a great leader. We also have a special guest on the show!! Remember to email us your questions a...

LTYM: Oops This Ministry Is Not What I thought

We go to the email bag in this episode. We discuss what do you do when the ministry is not what you thought, and disgruntled parents. Send Questions To talkyouthministry@gmail.com.

LTYM: How TO Get Along With Your Children Ministry

This episode we had a special guest, Steve Adams. He is our children pastor at Saddleback. We discuss the importance of building relationships. Send Questions To talkyouthministry@gmail.com.

LTYM: 1st Thing To Do When Planning Event

In this episode, we give some thoughts and ideas on events. We would love to hear from you. So if you have a question email: talkyouthministry@gmail.com

LTYM: 3 Tips On Small Groups And Parents

AC and Kurt discuss how to keep the momentum of life groups launch rolling and also how do we handle parents concerning life groups. Subscribe!! 

LTYM- 4 Tips For The Disgruntled Youth Worker

This week we give four tips to the youth worker, who feels a little bit disgruntled about how they are being treated by leadership. Subscribe!!!

LTYM-Small Group Leader Training and Parent Expectations

This episode we give the top 6 areas we would train our small group leaders in, and AC interviews a parent on their expectations concerning small groups. Subscribe!! 

Getting Students To Participate

Check out this new episode!!! Congrats to Josh Hurley the “WINNER” of the(WHAT IS THIS?) contest!!! 
We are going through the email bag:  I’m new. What do I do?  Website or nah?  How to get stud...

Tips To Growing Your Youth Ministry

Join Aaron (AC) Crumbey and Kurt Johnston, as they talk about some ways to grow your youth ministry numerically.