Leadership University Podcast

Dr. Henry Cloud’s Leadership University Podcast is a podcast designed to help you learn how to leverage influence, maximize potential, and enhance opportunities in your personal and professional life. Each episode features a leadership lesson from Dr. Henry Cloud and an interview with top business leaders such as Ken Blanchard, Maria Shriver, Chris McChesney (Franklin Covey), Josh Ellis (SUCCESS Magazine), and many more. Our goal: To help you develop and nurture the qualities you need to become a successful leader at work and at home. For podcast show notes and additional resources to grow your leadership skills, visit www.drcloud.com.

Emily Esfahani Smith: How to Craft a Life that Matters – #033 LeadU

Emily Esfahani Smith talks to us about the difference between finding happiness in your life versus having meaning in your life – where do we get it, why we can’t find it, and what composes the ing...


Henry Cloud: How We Grow in Our Professional Lives – #032 Lead U

Dr. Henry Cloud talks about the ingredients that foster a thriving work environment. First, we have to consider how the brain functions. How does someone receive information when it’s coming from y...


Brad Stulberg: The Scientific and Practical Principles for Achieving Peak Performance – #031 Lead U

Brad Stulberg expands upon the scientific and practical formulas that achieve peak performance. He tells us that the mastery behind personal and professional gains can be achieved by anyone because...


Amor Towles: How to Bring Life to the Intimate Experiences of Writing – #028 Lead U

Amor Towles went from being an investment professional in Manhattan to a builder of imaginary worlds. He details the challenges of writing historical fiction while creating a universal relevancy th...


Frans Johansson: How Intersectional Thinking Harnesses the Collective Power of Creativity – #024 Lead U

Frans Johansson talks to Jennifer and Greg about leveraging the Medici Effect, a place where intersectional ideas come together from diverse industries and cultures to create undiscovered innovatio...


Liz Wiseman: How to Lead like a Multiplier in Your Organization – #023 Lead U

How does a leader have a multiplying or diminishing effect on their team? Liz Wiseman talks to Jennifer and Greg about the traits, characteristics and culture it takes for a leader to maximize tale...


Erik Wahl: How fostering our creativity promotes fulfillment in our lives – #022 Lead U

When the dot-com-bomb fizzled, Erik Wahl lost everything – his career, his financial security and his identity. In the process of reinventing himself, he tapped into his artistic side and found a n...


Molly Fletcher: How Your Humble Beginnings Set You up for Long-term Career Success – #021 Lead U

Molly Fletcher talks about the humble beginnings and uphill battles she faced as a sports agent in a male-dominated industry. She emphasizes how to leverage fear, criticism and the power in changin...


Rorke Denver: What it Takes to Lead Special Forces as a Navy Seal – #018 Lead U


Rorke Denver is a Navy Seal who has led special forces all over the world. He’s written about his experiences in two books and has been featured in movies about his life serving our country. Dr. ...


James Roberts: How Your Style of Influence Affects What You Get from Life, Leadership – #017 Lead U

Influence is most easily recognized for our preference for how we see things and how we want to move toward things. James Roberts has a conversation with Greg and Jennifer about how to leverage you...


Henry Cloud: Stop Wasting Your Time and Take Back Control – #016 Lead U

What takes your attention that really moves the needle, and what is a waste of time? It all boils down to where your energy goes. In this episode, Henry, Jennifer and Greg discuss the way the mind ...


Jack Bedwani: How to Embrace and Maintain the Authenticity of Your Identity – #015 Lead U

Jack Bedwani emphasizes the value of getting into the hearts of the people you influence and how authenticity is key to reaching the next generation of customers. Dr. Henry Cloud explains how the p...


Jesse Itzler: The Leader’s Attention – When to Say No and Know When to Commit – #014 Lead U

Jesse Itzler talks about why he’s never done setting goals and how he only gives time to the opportunities that will further his personal development. Dr. Henry Cloud tells us how a leader function...


Patrick Lencioni: Why You’re Never Done Growing as a Leader – #013 Lead U

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Henry Cloud talks to Patrick Lencioni about leaders remaining humble, hungry and self-aware as they strive to be high producers who want to see growth within the...


Highlights from the Leadership University Podcast in 2016 – #012 Lead U

In this episode, we take a look back at some of the greatest moments on the podcast from 2016. Whether you wanted to crack the code of the job interview or learn about the 13 things mentally strong...


Gayle Laakmann McDowell: Cracking the Code of the Job Interview – #011 Lead U

In this episode, Gayle Laakmann McDowell talks to Jennifer and Chris about the most important elements of the interview process and touches on the most questions and answers that are often overlook...


Jeff Brown: The Importance of Having Trust in Life and Leadership – #010 Lead U

In this episode Dr. Henry Cloud and Jeff Brown discuss the importance of trust, what it takes to build trust and how it really makes an impact in your life and business.


Amy Morin: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do and the Secret of Improvement – #009 Lead U

Amy Morin goes over the 13 things that mentally strong people don’t do and what inspired her to write an article that helped more than 30 million people. Plus, Dr. Henry Cloud breaks down the secre...


Mindy Oliver: Building Professional Relationships – #008 Lead U

Mindy Oliver talks about making a conscious effort to build relationships with people on your team. Plus, Henry Cloud places emphasis on the three Cs that make it happen.


Ken Blanchard: Balanced Leadership - Getting Results and Maintaining Relationships – #007 Lead U

Ken Blanchard talks about the importance of leaders placing focus on building relationships with their teams and employees while focusing on other soft skills that generate long-term results. Also,...


Liz Wiseman: Maximizing Results from Your Team with – #006 Lead U

Liz Wiseman shares her insight on what leaders need to do to get the desirable results from their teams and organizations. Dr. Henry Cloud elaborates on how we get in the way of the results we want...


Meet Jennifer Laine – Bonus Lead U

Host Jennifer Laine talks to Chris about how she developed her personal philosophies in leadership and how they've influenced the teams she's led. 


Dr. Henry Cloud: The Wake You Leave Behind – #005 Lead U

This week Dr. Henry Cloud talks about the wake of you leave in leadership between results and relationships. Plus, he answers your pressing questions about leadership.


Lauren Pipher: Accountability & Adaptation – #004 Lead U

This week Lauren Pipher discusses the importance of adaptability within relationships in leadership; Dr. Henry Cloud outlines the recipe for healthy accountability.


Chris McChesney: Executing a Plan – #003 Lead U

Chris McChesney talks to Jennifer and Chris about the four principles of executing a strategy. Plus, Dr. Henry Cloud tells us about the difference between a vision and a fantasy, and how leaders ge...


SUCCESS Magazine: Vision and Engaging Talent – #002 Lead U

In this episode, Jennifer Laine and Chris Mefford talk to Shelby Skrhak and Josh Ellis of Success Magazine. Dr. Henry Cloud weighs in on vision and engaging talent.


Dr. Henry Cloud: What Is Leadership? – #001 Lead U

Dr. Henry Cloud’s Leadership University is a podcast about leveraging your influence, maximizing your potential, and enhancing your opportunities in your personal and professional life. Our goal: T...


What’s Ahead for The Leadership University Podcast – Lead U

Dr. Henry Cloud’s Leadership University is a podcast about leveraging your influence, maximizing your potential, and enhancing your opportunities in your personal and professional life. Our goal: T...


How Leaders Can Get Better Results and Have Better Relationships – Lead U

Dr. Henry Cloud’s Leadership University is a podcast about leveraging your influence, maximizing your potential, and enhancing your opportunities in your personal and professional life. Our goal: T...