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Hurts Donut: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

One of the greatest game I have ever played. It incorporates everything amazing about any great game. Launching things, Making things messy and eating an unhealthy amount of an unhealthy food.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Donuts. Find your favorite kind because your students will only want to play this game more when you bring the good donuts!

2. Two solid structures. This will be something you can attach the elastic bands to. We have moveable volleyball court bases that we used but you can use poles or truss that you may have in your facility.

3. Rope. Used to attach the two poles with a horizontal rope but if you can hang the donuts from your ceiling you can do that as well. You will also use this rope to tie the donuts so they hang down for the contestants.

4. Exercise Bands (x2). The least resistance here the better




Place large heavy poles on stage with elastic bands attached to them. If you have poles in your facility or truss you can also use that.

Attach a string to horizontally to go across from each pole. This will be the rope that you hang the donut off of.

String a donut down from your horizontal string and tie a donut to it, allowing the donut to hang in front of the faces of the competitors.



Game Play:

Two contestants at a time will compete to try and eat a donut hanging on a string. The students trying to get at the hanging donut in the middle will also have a elastic band attached to a base behind them that wraps around their mouth, making it difficult to move forward and bite at the donut. First person to bit the donut off the string is the winner!

Connect With Us:

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