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How To Build Tub Racers & Storage Units: Youth Group Games

We are all doing a lot of things all the time. We multi-task and have so many things running though our minds all at once.

WELL its about time we build something that can do the same.

These tubs might take you some time and might take you some money, but let me tell you at the end of the day you will be able to use them for storage and so many games. Not to mention, it will save your back from having to lift your storage tubs.

You probably have tubs for storage already, but if you don’t then you might want to try and get organized. This would be a great place to start.

So let’s get to it. Let’s build your Tub Racer & Storage Unit.

Building in Steps:

Step One: Buy your goods

Plastic Tubs (2). We used the 35 gallon storage totes from Walmart. You can find a 4-pack here…
Scooters (2). We have these ones from FlagHouse… But any standard phys ed scooter should work.

– Carriage Bolt (2). You are going to want to measure how long these need to be. The bolt will go from the bottom of the tub through the scooter or plywood.

– Carriage Bolt Washer & Nut (2). Whatever width you get from your carriage bolt you will need to buy the corresponding nut.


If you don’t want to spend the money on the scooter (they are pretty expensive) you can uses plywood and casters.
Plywood. You will need to cut the board so it doesn’t go past the tub. You don’t want the tub to run into someones leg and cut them from the plywood.
Casters (8). Spend the extra money to get the ones that can hold more weight. (You never know if you’ll get a tubby middle schooler trying to ride around in the tub.)

You are going to want to attach the casters to the plywood in a similar formation to how the scooters layout is.  


Step Two: Size it up & Drill it out

The old saying measure twice and cut once will apply here. Place one tub in the other so it is doubled up. If you have 1/2inch carriage bolts, then drill two 1/2inch holes through the bottom of the tub, and also through the middle of the scooter or plywood.

The way that will work best is if you set the tubs upside down and scooter on top of the tubs.

Drill down from in the middle of each scooter, and down through the tub. When the hole is drilled, place the carriage bolt in from the tub, and down through the scooters. You don’t want the end of the bolt sticking up wear students will sit. Also make sure you don’t get a carriage bolt that is to long and scarps the floor when the tub is pushed.


Step Three: Tighten it up

Tighten the bolts, but don’t crank it down. You want the bolt to hold the scooters to the tub, but you don’t want to place extra tension/stress on the tub or plastic of the scooter.


Step Four: Test it out

Make sure that even when someone is sitting in the tub, the carriage bolt doesn’t scrap the ground. If you’ve got some that are too long, don’t risk scraping up your floor. Go back and get the shorter ones.


Step Five: Enjoy

Check out these awesome games you can use these for: Tub Jousting, Storage Tub Racing & movable storage!


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