When you gonna be a real Pastor?

A podcast focused on Youth Ministry at all levels. From Pastors to Parents, from Vocational to Volunteer, from the church of 50 to the church of 5,000 we are all about the Youth Worker. Our vision is uplift and encourage the Youth Pastors and Youth Workers. To help them see their work as a calling, a profession to which they have been uniquely equipped, and to grow as experts in their field.

Hard Questions, REAL Answers - S2 - Ep. 011

Throughout the first half of the season we've taken your hard questions and given you not so great answers. In this episode we seek to right our wrongs and provide you with quality answers to your ...


Reframing Discipleship - S2 - Ep. 010

Ryan, Mark, and Emily talked about reframing discipleship and how youth ministry discipleship too-often focuses only on the content aspect (which is important for sure) but also needs to engage bot...


A Defense of Youth Ministry - S2 - Ep. 009

Ron has been in youth ministry in various forms for years. His latest book (which will release in 2019) is called "A Defense of Youth Ministry". Not that we thought that it needed defending, but ot...


Sabbath & Saying No - S2 - Ep. 006

Zach & Ryan were joined by James McCall, who shared soul care and sabbath practices that have helped him find balance between his relationship with Christ, his family, and ministry. 


Generation Z - S2 - Ep. 007

Ken Castor, youth ministry veteran and Professor of Youth Ministry at Crown College, has joined us today to give fantastic perspective into Generation Z, who they are, and how they learn.


Mistakes We Make in Youth Ministry - S2 - Ep. 008

Let's face it, we've all made some mistakes in Youth Ministry. Whether big or small we all know those "Oh, crap." moments. Len talks about his international research into youth ministry mistakes an...


Discipling Student Leaders - S2 - Ep. 005

Dan is back on the show! Zach & and Ryan give him a hard to about his new book, but only because it's a good one! Dan's book, Becoming a Student Leader, is meant for the student. Youth Workers can...


Asking Good Questions - S2 - 004

Jason Sullivan is a dedicated youth worker like you. He's been working hard raising up the next generation for many years, and has compiled a list of leading questions that can help students and l...


The Power of Story - S2 - Ep. 003

There are few things as captivating than listening to a great story. Accompany a story with an electric personality and the power of Jesus, and you have a winner. Dale's story is epic. Try to keep up!


Unleashing the Next Generation - S2 - Ep. 002

Marv Nelson joins Zach & Ryan to share about his new book - Unleash.  It doesn't take long to realize that Marv sees the empowerment of the Next Generation asa crucial task of all leaders in every...


Youth Ministry in Healthy Churches - S2 - Ep. 001

We're back! With a new name, new segments, and same great non-sense. 

NEXT: A Next Generation Ministry Podcast

Join us this week as we talk about how the Next Generation is a crucial part of churc...


What's Coming NEXT for When You Gonna Be A Real Pastor with Dan Boal- Ep. 61

We are so excited for this special announcement! WYGBARP will be coming alongside NEXT Generation Ministry Conference as an ongoing resource. Season 2 coming Fall 2018 under the name NEXT: a Next ...


Problem Solving and Communication with Tash McGill - Ep. 60

Tash McGill hangs out with the boys today and the conversation is great! She's a strategist, consultant, writer, and she's a boss! She spends her time consulting with churches and non-profits, hel...


Youth Missions with Rick Romano - Ep. 59

The guys are joined with a good friend, Rick Romano. Rick runs a missions organization in the Dominican Republic called Mission Twenty Five 35. He shares the importance of living beyond ourselves ...


Refugees and Immigration with Liz Dong - Ep. 58

The boys are back in podcast town and they're joined by Liz Dong, Midwest Mobilizer of the Evangelical Immigration Table. Liz talks to the guys about what a Christian's perspective on immigration ...


4 Verbs, Vision, & Youth Ministry with John Stumbo - Ep. 057

Ryan and Zach were honored to speak with John Stumbo, President of The Christian & Missionary Alliance. During this discussion, John talks about his 4 verbs for the Alliance: love, proclaim, reach...


Youth & Children’s Ministry Partnership with Melissa MacDonald - Ep. 056

Ryan's out in Cali for training so Zach sat down with Melissa MacDonald, The C&MA National Children's Disciplemaking Specialist. This episode is full of important questions and statements about ho...


Educators and Youth Workers: the perfect team with Tom Scarice - Ep. 055

Ryan & Zach were joined by Superintendent of Madison, CT schools: Thomas Scarice. We talked about the unique challenges facing iGen, and how schools, parents, and youth ministry can best face thes...


Evangelism with Shawn Hart of RZIM, Pt. 2 - Ep. 054

It's time for part two of our interview with Shawn Hart of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Check it out!


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Evangelism with Shawn Hart of RZIM, Pt. 1 - Ep. 053

Ryan's injured, and him and Zach both tell their sides of the story. More importantly, we talk about Sutherland Springs Church, church safety plans, and have an awesome part one interview with Sha...


Calling and Secular Leadership with Regina Robinson - Ep. 52

While at a conference Ryan and Zach caught up with Regina Robinson. In this episode they discuss the difficulties of your calling and how to be a leader in a secular sphere.


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Multi-Site Youth Ministry with Calvin Daly - Ep. 51

ZACH IS BACK! And thank God, cause we were getting sick of Dan. This episode was recorded live at Lead Youth with Calvin Daly from Manchester Christian Church. On this episode, the guys talk about...


Evangelism from the Trenches of Youth Ministry with Scott Robbins - Ep. 50

We've hit a milestone! Episode 50! Today we're joined with Scott Robbins, youth pastor and Alliance Youth district point person from Waco, Texas. We talk about his experience in youth ministry and...


Growing Young with Brad Griffin - Ep.49

Zach is still on sabbatical, but Ryan and Dan are keeping it moving with Brad Griffin from the Fuller Youth Institute! They discussed his new book "Growing Young" written with Kara Powell and Jake...


Sexuality and the Teenager with Dannah Gresh - Ep. 48

Ryan is joined by Dan Boal and Dannah Gresh as they discuss the importance of talking to teenagers about sexuality at a young age, especially due to exposure happening earlier and earlier in their...


The Gospel and Unity with Kelvin Walker - Ep. 47

Ryan & Zach are back with Kelvin Walker of Bedford Community Church. Amongst their normal antics, they discuss the transformation power of the Gospel, not just for salvation, but how we can help a...


Not a Real Pastor goes LIVE & Greg Stier - Ep. 046

Zach & Ryan are joined again by Dan Boal for a first time ever LIVE episode. All three guys met up in Providence Rhode Island to discuss the future of the podcast, and thought it would be fun to r...


GROW with Elle Campbell - Ep. 045

Zach & Ryan are in rare form, and its because Elle Campbell, Co-Found of Stuff You Can Use, has jumped in the third chair! There are many a shenanigan to be had, some tips for those creating a fir...


Jeremiah Parks: Heartwork - Ep. 044

Ryan is back and the boys are excited to interview Jeremiah Park, CEO and President of Heartwork, an organization that helps churches #spendyourself to raise funds for issues they are passionate a...


Youth Ministry Coaching with April Diaz - Ep. 043

Zach & Ryan (Dan Boal) are joined by April Diaz, Coaching Director at the www.theyouthcartel.com and a certified coach and trainer at Fuller Youth Institute, to discuss everything from #Charlottes...


BONUS - The Haunted Episode

Zach, Ryan (Played by Dan Boal), and April Diaz lose a whole episode worth of work. They are convinced it was the work of Devil. New episode re-recording tomorrow...

Enjoy this paranoid BONUS epis...


Intentional Attachment Oriented Relationships in Youth Ministry - Ep. 042

Ryan & Zach are back with another great episode with discussion on mission trips, Michelle Carter, and Attachment Oriented Relationships. Why do some students connect with you and then never come b...


Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah - Rites of Passage in YM - Ep. 041

Ryan is on a mission trip with is youth group, so today we replay a favorite episode for your listening adventures. Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah gave us great perspective on Rites of Passage in young...


Reach Berlin with Robbie Haddad - Ep. 040

Zach & Ryan are joined by Robbie Haddad, international worker from the C&MA, and a current youth worker in Zach's ministry. Robbie is a product of a faithful youth ministry, and is preparing for a...


Whatever this thing is... - Ep. 039

Zach & Ryan are all over the place in this episode. They discuss books they are reading, speaking at a summer camp, and Eugene Peterson. This episode has all the marks of a mid July summer jam. No...


Top 5 Things to Expect on a Youth Group Trip - Ep. 038

Zach and Ryan are back! They talk about their busy summers, their hurt feelings about last weeks teasing from Katlyn, and the Top 5 things that they expect from every Youth Group Trip.

Thanks for ...


Joshua Becker: Minimalism's Impact on Life and Ministry - Ep. 037

Happy 4th of July! Ryan and Zach are off for the holiday, so we're re-releasing Episode 13 with Joshua Becker: Minimalism's Impact on Life and Ministry


Zach Hummer: Raising a Kid with Special Needs - Ep. 036

Ryan and Zach are along again today, and all the normal non-sense takes place. The boys discuss their schedules, sex trafficking, and Zach is interviewed about how he has done ministry while raisi...


David Eaton: A Discussion on Youth Culture - Ep. 035

Ryan & Zach are joined this week by David Eaton, CEO and Co-Founder of Axis, a company devoted to helping parents have good conversations with their kids. Today the boys listen and comment as Davi...


Transitioning well from ministry to another - Ep. 034

Ryan & Zach are joined by Jason Dumaine, friend and local youth pastor who has some thoughts on transitioning from one youth ministry to another. How do we transition well? What should we avoid? J...


Dr. Andy Root: Faith Formation in a Secular Age - Ep. 033

Zach & Ryan are joined by youth worker, author, and professor, Dr. Andy Root to discuss his new books, his ideas on faith, and of course, the Grace of Dogs. Great conversation was had by all.



Oh the Spaces You'll Go! - Ep. 032

Ryan & Zach record a week early to prep for their crazy schedules. This episode is all about different spaces that we create within our Youth Ministries. How are you varying your meetings?

Thanks ...


Getting More done in the Office - Ep. 031

Zach & Ryan are prepping for a few crazy weeks of family life and ministry by recording a few episodes in a row. This is the first. Joined by Chris Coakley, President & CEO of Grain of Hope. The b...


Are you Valuing your Volunteers? - Ep. 030

Zach & Ryan are joined by fellow youth workers, Betty Morejon & Laura Slezak from Sunny Florida! The crew talks about cyber attacks, faith based films, and, most importantly, how to value our volun...


The Value of having Values - Ep. 029

Zach & Ryan once again prove that, without a guest, they spiral into chaos. A show about values, demonic blue whales, and executive orders... What could possibly go wrong!?

Check out show notes at...


Jonathan Hobbs: Don't Do This! Seriously... Ep. 028

All aboard the Fail Boat with Jonathan Hobbs - Youth Director and Author of "Don't Do This," a collection of failure stories from youth workers across the US. Never has their been an episode that ...


Bethany Needham: Hey Girl! Podcast & Intimacy with God - Ep. 027

Zach & Ryan are joined by friend of the show and fellow Podcaster, Bethany Needham to talk about her new show, Hey Girl!, depression, suicide, youthmin, and fostering intimacy with God in our busy...


Jon Mann: Joys & Challenges of working in Ethnic Ministry Contexts - Ep. 026

Friend of the show and Youth Pastor Jonathan Mann joins Zach & Ryan to discuss the joys and challenges of Ethnic Ministry Contexts. Lots of laughs and time for serious discussion around mental hea...


Rick Lawrence: Gritty Youth Ministry - Ep. 025

Zach & Ryan are joined by Youth Min Champion, author, and Editor of Group Mag, Rick Lawrence. They talk about the effects of tech, bombings in Egypt, and Rick's new book about being a Gritty Chris...


Worship: What role does it play in your Youth Group? - Ep. 024

Zach & Ryan are left alone again! It was good though. Zach came up with the best middle name of all time, the boys talk about April Fools Day pranks, and online privacy. Our main segment focuses on...