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Giant Angry Birds: Youth Group Games

We were pretty excited to create and play a Giant Angry Birds game. But we couldn’t believe how excited our students were. Seriously. They kind of freaked out. This is how we did it:

Here’s a basic run-through of how the game play works…

  • 2 Teams. We played Guys vs Girls.
  • The defense stacked the boxes and positioned the pigs while the offense selected which students will launch the birds from the sling shot.
  • The offense had 4 launches (one for each bird) to bring down as many pigs as possible.
  • The offense scored a point for each pig it knocks off of the defense’s cardboard box structure.
  • After all 4 birds were launched, the teams switched sides.
  • We played 3 rounds and then crowned a winner!

It took some trial and error to get each of the components just right, but after lots of testing and experimentation, we were able to get it working pretty consistently.

And here are the links to the websites where we bought some of our supplies…
Green Exercise Ball
More Exercise Balls
Paper Lanterns for Pigs
Cardboard Boxes
Sizes of boxes we used:

If you want to see more of this game in action, here is a highlight video that one of our middle school students made:

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