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Gatorade Flip Out: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This game is from Minute to Win It. We played this game with teams of 3 players each. Each team has 60 seconds to try and flip as many Gatorade bottles in the air and successfully land them on their table as they can. The team that lands the most bottles in 60 seconds wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Gatorade Bottles. Get the wider 32 oz bottles. They are easier to land because of their wider base. To keep the bottles flying through the air I would say get 6 per team that will be competing at the same time.

2. Tables. We have tall, small, round tables that we love for this game because they are like a mini landing pad. But any table should work.


You’ll need to empty each bottle so it’s about 2/3 full. This makes it easier to land. Also, I recommend duct taping the top because when I played this game the first time I had a few bottles’ tops break and start leaking after a hard impact with the floor or side of the table. Since I’ve started duct taping the bottles I haven’t had any issues.

Game Play:

We played with 2 teams of 3 players each, but you can mess with the numbers and even play with just 1 player per team if you’d like. I like to have lots of bottles flying through the air, so 3 (I think) is a great number per team. Each round lasts 60 seconds and the only rule is the bottle has to do a flip in the air. Players can stand as close to the table as they want and they can throw as many bottles as they can. A point is scored each time a bottle lands standing up and does not fall off the table for 3 seconds. Once the bottle is stable for 3 seconds it can be taken off the table and used to score more points. The team that lands the most bottles in 60 seconds wins!

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