Quick Overview:

Looking for a new game that everyone will be talking about for a while? Well here it is! All you will need to do is take a trip to the thrift store and make some room in the freezer.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Tshirts. I would suggest hitting up your local thrift store and buying some XL or 2XL shirts for this game

2. Freezer. You are going to want to make sure these shirts are rock solid. Turn that freezer down to the lowest setting!


Take each shirt you are going to freeze and clump it up into a ball. Use some rubber bands to hold it in a ball shape and dip it into warm water.

Ring out the shirt just enough so that it is no longer dripping. Place all the shirts in a tub or on a cookie sheet and throw them in the freezer. Make sure you freeze them at least overnight.

Pull them out the morning of your event and cut the rubber bands and separate any shirts that may have frozen together.

Place them back into the freezer to continue to freeze until right before you need them for your event.

Game Play:

Break up your group into teams. We had them all get together with their small groups but you can split them up however you want.

Give each team a frozen shirt.

On your GO they will have to unfreeze the t-shirt and put it on one of the members of their team. The first team to unfreeze the shirt and have a member of their team wearing the shirt is the winner.

This is a great game to do outside in the summer when it is warm as the students can use the ground or parking lot to try and break up the shirt. It will also cool down whoever ends up wearing the shirt!

Sit back and enjoy all the different ways your students will try and unfreeze their shirt.

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