Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Welcome to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, a conversation designed to help you make the most of your potential as you work to become the leader God created you to be. Craig Groeschel is a speaker, author, and the Senior Pastor of Life.Church.

Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow

There's a big difference between a leader who is popular and one who is respected. Leadership is about more than popularity, pride, and power. In this episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Pod...


Becoming a Leader Who Anticipates

How do we predict what may be coming in the future? How do we plan and decide now for what’s next? How do we grow from "good" to "great?" In this episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast,...


Q&A with Michael Hyatt: Vision for the Future

You can’t lead without vision. For leadership consultant and New York Times Best-Selling author Michael Hyatt, vision is the most important element of good leadership, and you need it to create go...


Q&A with Michael Todd: Leading through Influence

Influence and fame are different. And influence alone isn't leadership. Learn how to build up your influence, capacity, stamina, and leadership as a young leader on this episode with pastor and so...


Leading from Home

So many of us are working from home—but are you leading from home? Craig shares his seven tips for leading from home and gives us advice for homeschooling kids along the way during the COVID-19 cr...


Leading Through Crisis

Good leaders lead through hard times. In this episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig unpacks the nature of crisis—like the COVID-19 pandemic—and gives practical ways to not just ...


Q&A with Patrick Lencioni: What's Your Motivation?

What motivates you as a leader? Do you lead for the right reasons? Are you a healthy leader? In this episode, Patrick Lencioni and Craig Groeschel discuss these fundamental questions and give you ...


Q&A with WhiteSpace Founder Juliet Funt

If you're overwhelmed by the pace of the modern workplace, Juliet Funt, the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, shares practical tools for simplifying processes and creating healthier rhythms in your teams...


Problem Solving Like a Boss, Part 2

Every leader faces problems in every organization. In Part 2 of “Problem Solving Like a Boss,” Craig Groeschel teaches you three more practical ways to start solving more problems, and he helps yo...


Building a Strong Culture: Q&A with Jerry Hurley

In this episode, Craig Groeschel is joined by Life.Church Team Development Leader Jerry Hurley to discuss how to build a value-driven team culture that filters down to every level of your organiza...


Problem Solving Like a Boss, Part 1

While every leader faces problems, not every leader is equipped to solve them. In this episode Craig Groeschel gives you three images to help you see yourself and your problems in a different way ...


Leading From the Middle

In this episode, Craig Groeschel explores and and explains the three roles that every middle manager must understand and fulfill to succeed while leading from the middle.


Building the Middle

As your organization grows, the levels of management you’ll need will change, too. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you why middle management is so important to a growing organization, an...


Q&A with CrossFit Champion Rich Froning

Rich Froning, CrossFit champion and four-time Fittest Man on Earth, sits down with Craig Groeschel to share some valuable insights into success, failure, and overcoming pain and inconsistency to be...


Q&A: Beginner’s Pluck with Liz Bohannon

In this episode, Craig Groeschel is joined by author and entrepreneur Liz Bohannon for a discussion to help us better understand our fears, identify the value of curiosity, and discover the importa...


Simplify Your Life and Leadership: Cut the Slack, Part 2

Ever wish there was a better way to simplify your life and leadership? In this episode, you’ll get a five-step outline from Craig Groeschel to minimize stress in your personal life while maximizing...


Q&A with Gen Z and Millennial Expert Jason Dorsey

Sit in on a conversation with Craig Groeschel and Gen Z and Millennial expert Jason Dorsey to find out what makes each generation different, what makes them tick, and strategies for leading members...


Eliminate Distractions: Cut the Slack, Part 1

"Cutting the slack" means getting rid of unnecessary rules and processes that slow you down. Join Craig Groeschel for a practical, step-by-step approach to eliminate distractions and lead your team...


Q&A with Dr. John Townsend: Key Relationships

Leaders, more than most, need friendships and key relationships that give them relational energy. In this episode, Dr. John Townsend explains each of the four quadrants of relational nutrients and ...


Understanding Your Four Forms of Energy

It’s almost impossible to lead well when your tank is empty. In this episode, join Craig Groeschel to take a close look at four different types of energy—and why they can make a huge difference in ...


Q&A with Carly Fiorina: Unleashing Your Highest Potential

Courage takes practice. Sit in on a conversation with Craig Groeschel and 2016 presidential candidate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO, and author Carly Fiorina as they discuss what it means to unleash ...


The Art of Energy Management

Leadership is the art of harnessing human energy to create change, to make a difference, and to get results. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you how to master energy management by auditi...


When It's Right to Be Wrong

Leaders who keep their promises are trusted and respected. But when your perspective changes, there may come a time when you need to unmake your promises. In this episode, find out when it can be r...


How to Be Real and Not Be Weird

The best leaders know how to be real without being ruthlessly honest or eroding trust. Transparency and truth go hand-in-hand but aren’t always the same thing. In this episode, you’ll learn to use ...


Q&A: Excellence Wins with Horst Schulze

Sit in on a conversation with customer service expert and hotel executive Horst Schulze to learn first-hand why a commitment to customer service must be the foundation any company, team, or organiz...


Keeping It Real

The best leaders always keep it real. In this episode you’ll learn why authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency are essential for great leadership and get three keys to improve your leadership...


Q&A: Atomic Habits with James Clear

Small habits make a big difference. In this episode, James Clear, best-selling author of Atomic Habits, joins Craig Groeschel for a conversation on creating your identity and reaching your goals by...


Six Steps to Your Best Year of Leadership, Part 2

In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you the last three of six steps anyone can take to become a better leader. Discover how to find a system to create, a relationship to initiate, and a risk...


Q&A: Bob Goff, Becoming an Authentic Leader

Sit in for a conversation with Bob Goff, the best-selling author of Everybody Always, as he discusses with Craig Groeschel how authenticity, compassion, and encouragement build relationships and he...


Six Steps to Your Best Year of Leadership, Part 1

Before you ever start talking about what you want to do to make a fresh start, the first thing to know is who you want to become. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you the first three of s...


Q&A: Chip Heath, The Power of Moments

Some experiences create more of an impact than others. In this episode, The Power of Moments co-author Chip Heath discusses with Craig how to leverage crucial moments to improve culture, delight cu...


Four Keys to Spot the Talent Others Miss

Find out four principles to identify talented people and push them to success, learn about the importance of your first impression, and discover self-driven, passionate people who will lead your or...


How to Recognize Leaders with High Potential

One of the most valuable things you can do is a leader is recognize leaders with high potential. In this episode, you’ll discover four signs to help you find leaders with high potential—the ones wh...


Q&A: Lysa TerKeurst, How to Lead Through Pain

In this episode, Craig sits down with New York Times best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst to talk about how to lead through pain, empower yourself and your team to find your threshold, and build a s...


Becoming the Centered Leader Your Team Craves

Centeredness is the most important trait a leader needs. It's difficult to describe and impossible to miss. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you how, when uncentered leaders fail, a cente...


Q&A: Steven Furtick, Pastor, Elevation Church

In this episode, Craig sits down with Steven Furtick of Elevation Church to discuss how tension can be a great starting place, how vulnerability plays a key role in creating personal connections, a...


How to Keep Your Organization Healthy

If your organization is operating at a high capacity, don’t take it for granted. In this episode, learn the five qualities that will ensure you’ll keep your organization healthy.


How To Grow A Healthy Organization

All organizations have life cycles, and all organizations go through different phases. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you how you can identify where your organization is in the cycle an...


Q&A: Chris Voss, Negotiation Expert

In this episode, Craig Groeschel sits down with negotiation expert and former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss (@vossnegotiation) for a 1-on-1 conversation about strategies you can use every day t...


How To Inspire Your Team

You need only one or two consistent traits of an inspirational leader to inspire people. In this episode, Craig Groeschel will show you how to inspire your team by identifying your inspirational le...


Q&A: Bobby Gruenewald, YouVersion Founder

In this episode, Craig sits down with YouVersion Bible App founder Bobby Gruenewald (@bobbygwald) to discuss wins and failures and how they shaped the past and future of one of the most popular mob...


The Four Essentials of Innovation

What’s a problem you’re trying to solve? What could you achieve if you found a way to solve it? In this episode, Craig will share the four things you’ll need to work toward the next great innovatio...


Investing Your Resources the Right Way, Part 2

In this episode, learn about four common allocation mistakes leaders often make, and how we can avoid those mistakes to invest our resources the right way.


Motivating Your Team

In this episode, Craig will look at two things to avoid when we’re trying to motivate our teams, and three ways we can motivate in a way that lasts.