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Best Of The Mess: Youth Group Games

So we just finished our rising 6th Grade event, we call it Best of the Mess! I thought I’d share some of the games that we played… which are MESSY, GROSS, DISGUSTING, AND FUN!

These are all REC style games, and better in that atmosphere, than in a room setting… just my thoughts. Also, we played all games at the same time, 10 teams, with 2 teams playing against each other. 5 Rounds of playing, with a water break in between!

1. Breakfast Tug O War
– Standard tug of war, with a breakfast upgrade. Supplies: Rope, Tarp, Syrup, Corn Flakes, & Powdered Milk.

Person Running Game: Call out how many people can be on the rope at a time, and can have a variation in numbers. ie, right side 3 people vs left side 8 people.

End result: Syrupy mess!


2. Flour War – 2 teams armed with a Dixie Cup full of Flour. Supplies: Dixie Cups (tons), Flour, Cones to create War boundaries.

Teams start on their side, object, Cover as many people as possible with as much flour as possible! The cleanest team… wins.

Variation: Get the Leader on the other team round.

End Result: Floury Times


3. Shaving Cream Domination – Supplies: As many shaving cream cans as possible! And then buy more!

Teams start on the sides, leaders reload willing hands with shaving cream, and you just cover the other team. You end up covering the other team… cleanest team wins.

Variation: Get the Leader round.

End Result: Skin so smooth soft, for those destroyed by shaving cream.


4. Condiment Balloon Pop – Supplies: Tarp (that you will want to throw away), Condiments – Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayo (next year, we are adding Ranch Dressing), and Balloons with air.

Teams get 1 balloon per person (if teams are uneven, then the smaller team will get extra balloons) basically, go to the middle of the condiment tarp & pop a balloon. Nuff said. But watching students walk in condiments, to the middle… it’s great!

End Result: It’s a Pop with Flavor.


5. Water Slide – Supplies: Thick Painter Plastic, Water Hose (good to have on hand with all games listed above), Baby Oil.

Team 1 vs Team 2 – each pick a person, the quickest to get past the finish line… Wins. Standard… really it’s a staple game in this atmosphere.

End Result: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… and it’s a wet glorious fun.

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