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Bazooka Face Tank: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This game is so fun. It’s super engaging for both contestants as well as fun to watch from the audience. Shoot play pen balls to another contest trying to catch them using a tote on their head.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Tennis Ball Launcher. From Amazon HERE
2. Play Pen Balls. 100 total. About 50 per shooter will do
3. Clear Totes. You will need 4 total, 2 of which you will cut a hole in the bottom


Place 50 play pen balls in two of the clear totes.
Cut a square hole in the bottom of the other two totes. Big enough to fit your head inside. Pad the sides that you cut with a few layers of tape or with pool noodles.

Game Play:

Choose 4 contestants (2 per team). On each team, one will be the launcher and one will be the catcher. The launcher must launch the play pen balls across the room and the catcher must catch as many play pen balls as possible using the tote on their head. They have a total of 60 seconds to collect as many play pen balls as possible. Team with the most play pen balls after 60 seconds is the winner.

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