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Welcome to After 9, the most honest podcast in youth ministry. Hosted by Zac Workun, Chad Higgins, and Kristen Lascola. Enjoy weekly episodes as the team asks the toughest questions related to student ministry and youth pastor health, success, and expectations. We hope that this weekly dose of honesty and humor help you fellow youth worker or youth pastor. New episodes drop every Wednesday. Find out more @

199: The no longer underestimated importance of digital communication in youth ministry: Seth Muse 2

In episode 199 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac chats with church communications guru Seth Muse. We recorded this pre-COVID, but wow it feels almost prophetic.

About the guest:
Seth, "met...


198: How the first century youth ministry has a discipleship plan for twenty first century w/ Heather Quiroz Youth Cartel

In episode 198 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac sits down with new author and new mom Heather Quiroz to talk about her book "First-Century Youth Ministry: Exploring Our Jewish Roots to Re...


197: Youth Pastor In A Time Of Pandemic, What Does It Take To Lead Where You Have Not Gone?

In episode 197 of the Youth Ministry Booster Podcast Zac and Chad break it down as real, struggling, pastors, and humans. This is a difficult and unprecedented time. It requires muscles and leader...


196: Why Your Senior Pastor Is Important For Youth Ministry

Everybody answers to somebody. In the world of youth ministry this usually means your senior pastor, leader, or direct report. No matter what size church you serve there is someone senior to your ...


195: When Youth Ministry Talks Too Much, The Importance Of Silence

It's alive! It's alive! Well Zac is at least back alive and healthy (after Flu B and some quasi-tragic recovery).

In this holiday recorded episode Zac and Chad talk about the necessity of the prac...


194: How To Care For Hurting Students: Trauma Informed Youth Ministry: Dwight Johnson

What's up everybody! This episode is an important word of care for both your students and you the student minister. Hear the encouraging words of our new friend Dwight Johnson share about ACEs (Ad...


193: 4 Years Of Youth Ministry Podcasting & Counting

We made it y'all! 4 years of meeting, interviewing, and recording and we are here to high five and kick the tires for at least 4 more!

Thanks for all the support, encouragement, listenership, subs...


192: TikTok Youth Ministry Talk with Brady Shearer from Pro Church Tools

"I'll see you at the moo oovie movies" #FYP

Just in case you haven't heard there is a brand new app that more than just the kids are in to nowadays. It's called TikTok and it's making us question e...


191: How Facebook Creates Unnecessary Worry For Youth Ministers

Chad is back and we are talking everything #NYWC19, YS In Tampa, and this month's theme for Youth Ministry Booster "Culture of Worry." Our students are more anxious and worried than ever, and we t...


190: Successful Change Management In Youth Ministry

When is it time to "make a change?" What does it mean to "make change" in your youth ministry?

If leadership for youth ministry is important then a measure of change is always necessary.

Hear from K...


189: Connect Students From School Campuses To Student Ministry: Matt Swifty Perry

Hey-oh! It's time to talk about the important work of connecting with students just outside your door!

At Youth Ministry Booster, we believe that there is really important student ministry work to...


188: Youth Ministry Booster Is Excited To Expand And This Is Good News For Youth Ministry

A little less than four years ago Chad Higgins and Zac Workun started a podcast to help youth pastors. The last few weeks have pushed some really exciting developments!

This October Lifeway Christ...


187: Mark Matlock Faith For Exiles And Hope For Youth Ministry In A Digital Babylon

What is the future of youth ministry? What hopeful work should we as youth ministers engaged with today?

YS NYWC19 In Tampa
We are going to be there? Are you?
The Youth Ministry Booster team is goi...


186: NYWC19 YS Giveaway Winners Revealed and How We Get More Adult Volunteers Connected To Students In Our Youth Ministry

This is episode 186 and today we give away something really nice...

This is the weekly bonus episode on Friday featuring the voices of members of Youth Ministry Booster's network featuring audio fr...


185: Reaching Students Just Outside Your Door For Your Youth Ministry

Episode 185 is here and it's clear that youth ministry fall season is in full swing! 

Kristen and Chad are back for a fun discussion about vegan food fairs and reaching students just outside your d...


184: When Should Students Lead Worship For Youth Ministry

Today’s show is a quick and extra special one!
This is episode 184 and it is something really really nice....

We are celebrating 184 episodes and we are taking this opportunity to share that in a f...


183: Context Is King In Youth Ministry, Learn to love your where!

WE ARE BACK! Episode 183 is a kick-off to a whole new year and season of Youth Ministry Booster (with some big prizes and announcements in the works!) 

After much-needed summer rest and reset the p...


182: Andy Root 2 What Does It Mean To Youth Pastor In A Secular Age?

Dr. Andy Root is back y'all! With a new book and summer session on the history, hope, and reimagination of what it means to be a pastoral figure in this new age we are living!

Episode 182 is only ...


181: Focus To Get Your Goals Accomplished In Youth Ministry

Hey, student ministry leaders how hard is it to get the stuff done we know is important?

It's a continuing part of monthly them on setting and getting our goals done! 

In this episode, Chad Higgins...


180: Matt Overton; Mentorship, Youth Ministry, And The New Marketplace of Innovation

This interview episode with Matt Overton is a jam! Engaging and energetic for those who are feeling a need for fresh wind in youth ministry (Matt would appreciate the boat joke).

Grow volume 3 drop...


179: Philip Nation; Disciple Making Disciplines For Gospel Centered Student Ministry

In this warm and wise interview episode with Dr. Philip Nation we examine what it means to make disciples. You are going to love the wit and wisdom that takes shape in the next 45 minutes.

May 16 ...


178: Daniel IM; Valuing Vision For Leading Youth Ministry

In episode 178 Zac sits down with Daniel IM to talk about the importance of vision, strategy, and values for leading in a church and a youth ministry.

Get Grow Curriculum + Booster for one low pri...


177: Take Care Of Your Self Youth Minister. Successful Alignment Starts With Ministry Self-Care

In this positive, challenging, and encouraging bonus episode, Will and Zac talk about the importance of self-care, alignment, and reflection.

We love you youth ministry friend! Be encouraged, stay...


176: How To Make This Easter Really Special In Youth Ministry

Hey everybody! Chad is back! And Easter is almost here! Prepare yourself for the season and the rest will follow! Celebrate in your heart the resurrection of our Lord and allow the hope of the sea...


175: Youth Ministry Booster Sherpas Crossover and The Origin of Community Care For Youth Ministry

Episode 175 is a big fun crossover with our pals the Youth Ministry Sherpas Matthew and Steve! These guys remind us of who we want to be when we grow up in youth ministry. Kind, thoughtful, caring...