After 9 Youth Ministry Podcast

Welcome to After 9, the most honest podcast in youth ministry. Hosted by Zac Workun, Chad Higgins, and Kristen Lascola. Enjoy weekly episodes as the team asks the toughest questions related to student ministry and youth pastor health, success, and expectations. We hope that this weekly dose of honesty and humor help you fellow youth worker or youth pastor. New episodes drop every Wednesday. Find out more @

176: How To Make This Easter Really Special In Youth Ministry

Hey everybody! Chad is back! And Easter is almost here! Prepare yourself for the season and the rest will follow! Celebrate in your heart the resurrection of our Lord and allow the hope of the seas...


175: Youth Ministry Booster Sherpas Crossover and The Origin of Community Care For Youth Ministry

Episode 175 is a big fun crossover with our pals the Youth Ministry Sherpas Matthew and Steve! These guys remind us of who we want to be when we grow up in youth ministry. Kind, thoughtful, caring,...


174: Why Is Alignment So Important For Youth Ministry Success?

In episode 174 Zac, Kristen, and Will chat about the importance of alignment in leadership. An important and effective team requires the constant work of adjustment and alignment. We are going to s...


173: Mike King YouthFront Camps CEO Youth Ministry's Life Work

Attention Youth Pastors! You need the wisdom of this episode more than you know. 

Mike King is a 44 year veteran of youth ministry and he has wisdom for you. 
There is a deep truth in blooming where ...


171: Ben Trueblood 2: What Is Ministry After Youth Ministry?

In episode 171 Zac and Ben Trueblood of Lifeway Students talk about ministry after student ministry.

With 2 new books of research and pastoral concern Ben presents some of the findings and hopes fo...


170: Heather Lea Kenison "How Is Your Soul Youth Ministry?"

Hey-oh! It's episode 170 of the YMB podcast with special guest Heather Lea Kenison. Heather is a YM who knows the value of connecting with other YMs and we love her heart for connecting with other ...


169: Dan Istvanik: Stop Preaching, Start Teaching In Youth Ministry

We are back! After a much needed holiday hiatus the most honest podcast in youth ministry is back with a powerful interview featuring our friend, blogger, minister, father, husband, and good dude D...


168: Who Are The People You Talk Honestly With In Youth Ministry?

This one gets really good really fast!

In episode 168 Karl Romeus, Will Cumby, and Zac Workun talk about what it means to have the honest talks in youth ministry, with ministry peers, mentors, and y...


167: Do What You Have Been Called To Do Youth Ministry Leader! #WomenInYM

In episode 167 Kristen and Zac wrap up for our month long celebration of Women In Youth Ministry.  You will be blessed by this encouraging and challenging word!

Again big congrats to our giveaway w...


166: Anne Wilson "Brokenness is our most abundant youth ministry resource" #WomenInYM

In this interview with Anne Wilson of Traders Point Christian Church Zac learns much about brokenness and the return to youth ministry after some time away. This is a good one people don't miss it!...


165: Amy-Jo Giradier "Longevity In Youth Ministry Means Recommitting" #WomenInYM

In episode 165 Zac interviews Amy-Jo Giradier from Brentwood Baptist Church who brings 17+ years of youth ministry experience and a lot of them at the same church and community context. Glean great...


164: Jaclyn Miles "Youth Ministry Is Parent Ministry" #WomenInYM

In episode 164 Chad interview the one and only Jaclyn Miles. Speaker, pastor, leader, mother, wife, and amazing human: Jaclyn "Smiles" has bright insight to guide you youth ministry friend. Don't, ...


163: Caitlyn Smelser "When Your Mom Questions Your Call To Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In episode 163 Chad interviews Caitlyn Smelser, the Student Team Leader at Connection Pointe Church in Indiana. Hear from her leadership insight, wisdom, and practical advice for those who are youn...


162: Renae Pemberton "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself In Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In episode 162 Chad interview Renae about the real struggle of being a introvert in youth ministry and carving out enough time so you can lead!

Renae Pemberton from Eclectic United Methodist Church...


161: Mary Margaret West Lifeway Students "Changes For Girls Ministry In Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In episode 161 Zac sits down with Mary Margaret from Lifeway Students to talk about the changing face, direction, and thinking about girls ministry in your youth ministry. For our month long emphas...


160: Stephanie Collins "Accidentally In Love With Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In our 14th installment of #WomenInYM Chad Higgins sits down with Stephanie Collins of Munice Indiana
NextGen Pastor at The Gathering Muncie
Studied Master of Divinity at Anderson University School ...


159: Amber Gaddis "Trust The Talent Of Your Youth Ministry Volunteer Team" #WomenInYM

Hello episode 159! Chad interviews middle school minister Amber Gaddis is the fun and funny episode about what #MSM and #JHM can truly be! Amber serves as the Assistant Director of BMMC and Jr. Hig...


158: Natalie Frisk "Are You Wired For Youth Ministry?"#WomenInYM

In episode 158 Chad interviews Natalie Frisk from the Meeting House CA. This is one of those heartfelt, moving kind of interviews so get your tissues ready. Natalie's story is deeply true and reson...


157 : Angela Amerine "The Best Thing You Can Do In Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In episode 157 Chad sits down with youth ministry director Angela Amerine to talk about falling into the calling and restoring the joy in youth ministry. The insight that she shares is timely for a...


156: Chelsea Peddecord "Don't Be Arrogant In Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In this episode Chad interview Chelsea Peddecord and the insights fly! Youth pastor hear the words of truth from one of your own because this short interview is very potent! 

Chelsea Peddecord grew ...


155: Arielle Williford "Stop trying to fit the youth ministry mold" #WomenInYM

In this 9th installment of the #WomenInYM emphasis Chad chats with fellow podcaster and youth minister Arielle Williford. This interview is so encouraging for women who lead in youth and for all of...


154: Cheryl Johnson "Youth Ministry Is Not Your Identity" #WomenInYM

In our 8th installment of #WomenInYM Chad chats with longtime Youth Ministry Booster member Cheryl Johnson. She's rad, witty, honest, loves tigers, and is totally Canadian (sorrie Cheryl!). You are...


153: Irene Cho "Get Pruney In God's Freedom Through Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In our 7th installment of the #womenInYM series Fuller Youth Institute leader, Program Director for Urban Youth Resources, longtime youth ministry director and leader, Irene M. Cho sits down with C...


152: Emily Acton "Greatest Gladness & Deepest Hunger In Youth Ministry" #WomenInYM

In our 6th installment of the #womenInYM series a new friend Emily Acton stops by. You may recognize her name from the Stuff You Can Use Youth Ministry Facebook Community where she serves as a mode...


151: Becky Gilbert "Guard Your Day Off" #WomenInYM

In our fifth installment of women in youth ministry Chad sits down with Becky Gilbert to learn from her years of #YM wisdom and learn that Lockins do affirm youth ministry callings. Lean in as Beck...