Last week, we stumbled on this little gem of a video (God bless the Internet).

pillow-fights-jezzzySo, of course…

We had to do it with our favorite middle schooler friends.


This is Jezzzy. She is one of our gamehosts and a regular on-stage personality at SHINE!

When she showed up at church this week, we gave her two pillows and told her to get to work.

Here are the results…


Because it was fun.

And we like to have fun.

Because fun matters.
Because when you have fun with a kid, they start to believe you actually like them.
Because fun, over time, creates connections.

And that matters.

What’s one of your latest ideas for having fun with kids?

Shout out to Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and the rest of the Orange team for this language about fun from the book Playing for Keeps. It’s one of the most important books I’ve ever read for parents, ministry leaders, and anyone, really, who loves and influences kids.