I wouldn’t consider myself to be a person particularly prone to taking risks.

Well, okay… I like roller coasters. And I want to go sky-diving someday. And one time I painted my bedroom lime green. But that’s about the extent of my riskiness. For example, when thirty of my friends decide it’s a good idea to rent really-super-broken mopeds and dented helmets from some guy on a street corner of the Bahamas, I’m always going to be the person in the group pointing to the sign that says CAUTION! DO NOT RENT MOPEDS and listing all the reasons we’re about to die horrible gruesome deaths.

I’d like to say I’m cautious because I’m super wise and awesome.
But, most of the time, it’s probably just because I’m a wimp.

(With the exception of the moped thing. I really was the only sane person in that situation.)

But earlier this year, I decided to make 2014 the year I focused on being brave. That wasn’t an idea I pulled out of thin air. For me, working on bravery has been a way for me to turn the things I believe about God into behaviors… because I’m totally aware that the fear I sometimes feel about taking risks has a lot to do with what I believe about the character of God.

But as my understanding of God and His character has grown and changed over the years, my relationship with things like fear and risk and bravery have grown and changed, too.

Because the God that Jesus reveals is a lot kinder than I thought.
More gracious.
Quicker to forgive.
Quicker to smile.
And more loving than I’ll probably ever understand or be okay with.

So the more time I spend getting to know that God, the easier it is for me to be brave.

It’s easier to take risks when you know you don’t need to get things right every time, or know all the answers, or be able to see ten years down the road. It’s easier to take risks when you know that, even if the risk you’ve taken turns out to be a super bad idea, it’s okay. Because there’s love and there’s tomorrow and there’s so much grace. 

I like knowing Jesus. I want to know Him better. And since Jesus was apparently listening when I committed to this bravery thing back in January… well, something has come up.

And I guess Kenny and I are about to take a tiny little risk.

We’re really extra super excited. And I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.  🙂

How about you? Taken any big risks lately?