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This resource is a super fun video-driven youth group game that encourages lots of crowd interaction. There are 25 short video clips of athletes (skateboarders, bikers, snowboarders…) attempting some pretty cool jumps, flips, and tricks. To play the game, simply play the clips – they’ll pause at the pinnacle of each trick so your students can guess: do they MAKE IT or BREAK IT?


What you’ll need…

  • YOUR STUDENTS. Divide your audience into teams based on the number of your students (we used 3 teams)
  • CROWD HYPERS. Enlist some of your energetic volunteers to keep the game rolling and get students involved.
  • ZERO DOLLARS. This game shouldn’t cost you a dime.

Here’s the basic idea. We used this in one of our large group meeting and divided our students into 3 teams. We brought up a student to represent and ring in the answer for their entire team. The teams helped their team representative by voting either “MAKE IT” or “BREAK IT.” An “O” made with their hands signaled “MAKE IT,” and an “X” signaled “BREAK IT.”

Each team representative has only 10 seconds to lock in their answer before the answer is shown, so it needs to happen quickly!

A Shout out to Joe Woolworth at for helping us out with this game. Check out this guy’s stuff, it is AWESOME!

Some things to keep in mind & watch out for:

  • Once the video pauses, students ONLY HAVE 10 SECONDS to lock in their answers.
  • Get the audience involved! Encourage students to vote and help their team representative.
  • Keep the game moving! Use your crowd hypers to keep it rolling.

STUFF YOU CAN USE: Today’s download features the 25 videos we used for this game – hang onto them and use them in your arsenal of awesome games.

SO HOW ABOUT YOU? Please post your comments, questions, and any videos of your experiences with MAKE IT OR BREAK IT if you decide to try it! And hey, if you have a cool game idea that you think other people would love, tell us about it in the comments and share it with the community!

From Jay Renolds

Jay Renolds

Jay is the contributor of this game and is doing Middle School Ministry at Hope Community Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he oversees their mid-week outreach and worship service called Hazardous and hopes to ROCK YOUR FACE OFF. He is married to Liz and is the dad of Coali the black lab and Citgo the orange tabby cat.


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