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At The Chapel at CrossPoint, our Children’s, Middle School, and High School Ministries are huge believers in the need to partner with parents. One of the ways that we’re committed to doing that is by giving parents opportunities to win with their kids.


Last year, we were inspired by an idea we got from several Chick-Fil A locations around the country that have experimented with a Father-Daughter Date Night. Their events were complete with an RSVP system, wait staff, special table arrangements, and discounted meals. They’ve received tons of great feed-back on their events and, since we don’t have any Chick-Fil-A’s in Buffalo quite yet, we decided to create our own date night for dads and their daughters.

We partnered with a restaurant in our area to do our version of this event. The interest level was enormous – we couldn’t believe how many dads were so enthusiastic about taking their little girls out for the night! Tickets sold out so quickly that we had to arrange an additional time slot with the restaurant to accommodate more families… and even then, there were many dads who weren’t able to secure a table. (If a family wasn’t able to get a ticket to the event, we encouraged those dads to do a date night of their own with their daughters and sent them some tips, ideas, and printable supplies to those dads to get them started.)

Check out all the photos from the event here on Facebook.

Some of the highlights…

  • Decorative placemats that doubled as conversation-starters.
  • flower for each daughter tied to a personalized love note from their dads.
  • photographer shooting candid photos as well as individual photos of each dad and daughter – we later posted the photos on Facebook and on our website at a high resolution so they could be downloaded and printed.
  • Coupons and give-aways provided by the restaurant who hosted us.

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