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In this Lab, Elle Campbell gives you six practical and effective action steps for creating a ministry culture that volunteers love. Plus, you’ll get an Experiment that helps you celebrate what you’re already doing well and create a plan of action for improving the areas that need work.


Every Lab Includes 2 Things:

  • A Short (10-20 min) Training Video that we’ve designed so you can share it with your team, show it in a meeting, or just use it for your own personal development.
  • A Downloadable Experiment that you (or someone on your team) can take what you’ve learned, and instantly try it out in your ministry. Progress, not perfection.


Every Lab You’ll Do 3 Things:

  • Learn. We believe as youth workers we should always be learning. That’s why we attend conferences, read books, and even find mentors. Our LABS will allow you to learn in fresh ways.
  • Experiment. We know every context is different. That’s why we just don’t tell you what we think are the right answers, but we provide you with ideas and experiments so you can discover what works in your ministry.
  • Empower. You can’t do this alone. You probably already figured that out, and that’s why we designed YM Labs so you can easily share them with your team and invite others to learn and experiment with you.


200% Money Back Guarantee

What’s a 200% money back guarantee? Good question. I think we made it up. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you 100% of what you paid AND you still get to keep all the Videos, Experiments, and Resources. But, like, we really hope you don’t hate them.

From Kenny + Elle Campbell

Kenny + Elle Campbell

Hi. We’re Kenny and Elle Campbell, founders of Stuff You Can Use. We’ve been doing youth ministry for over twenty combined years and love every second of it. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you find this resource helpful!

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