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Hey pals! We’re finishing up the last week of our Lead Small book study today!

And to make things easy for you (because I like making things easy for you), I’ve condensed all four weeks of this study into one PDF document. So now you can download it, print it, stick it in your book, and study away. Want it? Here you go!


So to finish up this study, let’s get into Chapters 4 and 5…

Hello and welcome to the final week of our Lead Small book study! We’ve only got two chapters left to discuss. So, open those books to the beginning of Chapter 4, and let’s check it out!

CHAPTER 4: MAKE IT PERSONAL. Inspire Their Faith by Your Example.

In all the years that I’ve spent as a Small Group Leader (SGL) for my girls, there have been a ton of moments where I’ve seen a little bit of myself reflected in my girls. Sometimes that’s been cute and encouraging. But that hasn’t always been a good thing.

I’ve noticed them repeating phrases they’ve heard me say.
Picking up on my habits.
Imitating my attitudes.
Adopting my opinions.
Learning about relationships, and marriage, and growing up from my example.

I never intended for any of those things to happen. But they did. They’re part of being a Small Group Leader.

I’ve heard it said that “leaders leak.” Our beliefs, our values, our habits . . . they will eventually rub off on the people that we lead . . . whether we like it or not. Regardless of what we intend to impart to those we lead, we will ultimately leak what, and who, we truly are.


Are you reading along? How are you helping your Small Group Leaders “make it personal” and “move them out?” Let’s swap some ideas!