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Hello and welcome back to my little Lead Small book study! Like I said last week, I’m kind of obsessed with this book, so I’m really excited you’re reading it with me.

Today we’re going to be talking about Chapters 1 and 2 of Lead Small: the first two tasks of a great Small Group Leader. What are they, you ask? Be Present” and “Create a Safe Place.”

You’ve probably noticed that I’m taking you off-site to read these entries. That’s because they’re guest posts for Orange Leaders. You might also notice that I’ve got some questions at the end of the post to spark some discussion. Feel free to post your responses to said questions right here in the comment section of my blog, or in the comment section of the Orange Leaders blog, or both if you’re feeling like an overachiever. Wherever you decide to post your thoughts is cool, as long as we get to talk and discuss and swap ideas. Because that’s fun.

Ok, here we go! Week 2 of Lead Small.

Hi! Welcome back to our little Lead Small book study. This is Week 2 of the study but if you’re just joining us, don’t worry. You can get caught up in no time. Lead Small is a really quick read, so it should only take you about 30 minutes or so to catch up.

In Week 1 of this study, we kicked things off by reading just the Introduction together. Today, we’ll start getting into the meat of the book with Chapters 1 and 2. So, crack open your books! Here we go.

CHAPTER 1: BE PRESENT. Connect Their Faith to a Community.

Last week, I shared that I’ve been with my Small Group for almost 10 years now. Even though they’ve graduated high school and I’m not “officially” their Small Group Leader anymore, we’re still doing life together and practicing many of the same rhythms we practiced as a Small Group throughout their middle school and high school years.

I recently asked my girls to think back on all of our years together and tell me what things from our time as a Small Group have meant the most to them. Do you know what they said?

I’ll tell you what they didn’t say. They didn’t mention the great depths of my wisdom, or my incredible skills in Small-Group-leading, or any of the smart things I’ve (hopefully) said to them over the years.

Instead, they talked about apple picking every fall. Screaming at terrible, scary movies together. Practical jokes gone wrong. Having me at their dance recitals and birthday parties and prom pictures and high school graduations. Always having an adult they could count on. They talked about the memories and the laughter and the relationships. It’s the community we’ve created that means the most to them.

They know I don’t do this Small Group Leader thing out of obligation. I do it because I actually like being with them. And to a teenager (to anyone, really), that’s a really big deal.


Are you reading along? How are you helping your Small Group Leaders “be present” and “create a safe place”? Let’s swap some ideas!