I’ve got to show you something Our New Guy Erik has been working on. (Erik joined our Middle School Ministry team back in January. He’s really cool. I’ll introduce you sometime.)

So we really like it when small group leaders have parties with their small groups. Because we know, if a small group leader expects to make an impact in the lives of kids, they need to spend time with their few outside of church.

And because we know small group hangouts are so important to those relationships, we try to make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for small group leaders to make them happen.

Maybe I’ll tell you about all of those ways sometime. But for now, I just want to tell you about one of them – the thing New Guy Erik has been working on.


They’re super adorable and I love them.

THE BASIC IDEA: Give a small group leader (almost) everything they need to pull off a super fun and creatively themed small group hangout.

WHAT THEY GET: Each kit comes in a plastic milk crate, which small group leaders can grab from our Small Group Supplies Counter. The kits come with $25 worth of supplies, flyers to promote their party, instructions, and a list of suggested “extras” that they might want to buy or have kids bring along.

HOW IT WORKS: For now, Erik decided to make eight kits available. An SGL can take a kit, do the party, and bring back any unused or reusable supplies afterward. We’ll keep the kits stocked and change out their themes seasonally.

He’s made eight of them so far, but here are two for now…


hikeA day of outdoor adventuring.


    • A map of local hiking trails
    • Compass
    • Bug spray
    • Sunscreen
    • Beef jerky (gross)
    • Trail mix
    • First aid kit (in case of scraped knees)
    • Flashlight

JUST ADD: Sneakers, water bottles, and a taste for adventure.


spaA night of foot soaks, facials, and nail-painting.


    • Bath salts (not the zombie kind)
    • Sugar scrub
    • Lotion
    • Cleansing facial masks
    • Plastic tubs for foot-soaking purposes

JUST ADD: Nail-painting supplies, wsh rags, and yummy treats.

We’re pretty excited about these little kits. They’re a super affordable way for us (and our small group leaders) to facilitate more small group hangouts.

Which means…
more fun.
more memories.
more relational connections with small group leaders.
and more opportunities for discipleship.

So that’s a win.

Think you’ll try something like this? Got any fun themed ideas for a party kit? What would you include?