So I know the title of today’s post sounds like the tagline to a really awesome horror movie, but… that’s not where we’re going with this. I know, you’re disappointed.

But hopefully I can make up for it with what my next few posts are actually going to be about…

A peek at what some of the most talented, creative, and amazing Middle School Pastors in the country are learning, trying, and dreaming about right now.

How do I know what some of the most amazing Middle School Pastors in the country are up to? Well, I got to hang out with them. For three days. And yes, we really were in a cabin in the woods. In the middle of nowhere. With no cell service. Winding mountain roads. Some seriously creepy fog. And some really awesome conversations.

Here’s how it came about.

A few months ago, Sean Meade (a Middle School Pastor in the LA area) gave me a call to tell me about an annual gathering of Middle School Pastors called The Middle School Summit. They had been meeting in various places on the west coast for 12 years or something crazy, and their roster of past organizers and participants included some of our biggest heroes in Middle School MinistryMark Oestreicher, Brooklyn Lindsey, Scott Rubin, and Kurt Johnston, for example.

Marko, actually, is the founder of the Middle School Summit, and has shared a bunch of the notes from previous years on his blog.

So by the time Sean told me they were looking for some fresh faces and voices to add to the conversation this year, and asked if Kenny and I were interested, we were pretty much already buying our plane tickets.

Fast forward to mid-April.

There were 9 of us at this year’s Summit…