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62 | Engaging Students In Scripture In Your Youth Ministry

Description: Lindsey Gorveatte joins Kenny and Elle to talk about engaging students in scripture in youth ministry. Links: Grow Youth Ministry Curriculum Notes: BIBLE ENGAGEMENT STATISTICS According to surveys done by Never The Same with over 3,000 teenage participants . . . 95% of church-going teenagers think reading the Bible is important. 12% of those teenagers read the Bible on a regular basis. 45% of those teenagers never read the Bible. 41% don’t know where to start. So how do we better engage teenagers in Scripture? 1. KNOW YOUR GOAL Identify a measurable and manageable goal for Bible engagement....

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61 | How to Set Up A Small Group Leader Coaching System In Your Youth Ministry

Description: Jack (Ft. Worth, TX) is wondering how to implement a coaching system for his small group leaders.  In this episode, Kenny and Elle share what they’ve learned about the kinds of small group leader coaching systems that work . . . and the ones that don’t. THE DEFINITION A small group leader coach is someone who feels ownership over the development and care of small group leaders. Just like a small group leader leads students, a small group leader coach leads small group leaders. THE MODELS Some churches ask coaches to show up to their youth ministry environment...

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POISON CHAIR : Youth Group Games

POISON CHAIR Quick Overview: A classic youth group game that is just down right fun! Oh and remember don’t touch the chair!! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. People. You need people to play. 2. Chairs. Depending on how many people you have playing you might want to have a few chairs in the circle at the beginning of the game. Prep: Clear out the room so it’s a big open space. Place your chair(s) in the middle of the room and have everyone hold hands around the chairs.   Game Play: Everyone should be holding hands around the chair(s). If...

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FOUR WAY TRAFFIC JAM Quick Overview: A 4 team, 4 corner game in which students race across the room in various ways. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. At least 4 people. 2. A room with 4 Corners. 3. A list of funny methods of movement. Crab walking, somersaults, crawling, and moonwalking should get you started. Prep: Make sure your playing area is clear of any obstacles, then count off your students to form 4 teams. Assign each team a corner and have them move to the corresponding corner to get ready to race. Before the game begins announce the method of...

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BOTTLE FLIP MOVE UP: Youth Group Games

BOTTLE FLIP MOVE UP Quick Overview: An upfront or whole group race in which players must land a successful bottle flip in order to move closer to the finish line. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Water Bottles. One for each player. 2. Traffic Cones. As many as you want, depending on the amount of space you have. 3. Start/Finish Line. We like using gaffers tape for floor lines. Prep: Create a start and finish line, then lay out cones in equal distances between the two. Game Play: All players begin the race at the starting line with a water bottle. Each time...

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