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Suck It Up: Youth Group Games

SUCK IT UP FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE Quick Overview: This game is from Minute to Win It. Four players compete against each other to transport as many pieces of candy as they can in 60 seconds from one bowl to another bowl across the room using only a straw and their lung power. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Tables, Bowls, and Straws. Pretty self explanatory, but we did buy extra long straws to make the game a little more unique. The downside of longer straws is it makes an already tough game, a little bit more difficult. 2. Candy. We...

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Stocking Face Tug A War: Youth Group Games

STOCKING FACE TUG A WAR FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE Quick Overview: Four players compete head to head to head to head – literally. Four stockings are tied together with the opening for the leg going over each players head. Players pull in opposite directions until only one player is left with the stocking still over his face as the winner. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. A Bunch of Stockings. You’ll need 4 per round, maybe every other round if you want to reuse them, but they stretch out pretty good after their first use. We played about 5...

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Sticky Toes: Youth Group Games

STICKY TOES FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE Quick Overview: Contestants plunge their foot into a bowl of Jello to try and retrieve little plastic animal figurines using just their toes. The first player to find and remove the designated animal from the bowl wins! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Bowls. We used disposable plastic bows from the grocery store, but really you can use any type of bowl. The smaller the bowl the less entertaining the game, people want to see deep Jello submerssion. 2. Jello. You can do this one of two ways: either make Jello the old fashioned way...

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Fruit Ninja Kinect: Youth Group Games

FRUIT NINJA KINECT FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE Quick Overview: As a part of this website I’m not only sharing what games we play and how we play them, but this is also just an archive for my own personal records. So this post is simply just a reminder that we love to play Fruit Ninja on Xbox Kinect. Students play head to head using their arms to swipe at fruit – whoever scores the most points wins. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Xbox 360 with Kinect. 2. Fruit Ninja. You can download this game from the Xbox Marketplace....

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May The Odds Be With You: Youth Group Games

MAY THE ODDS BE WITH YOU FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE Quick Overview: We put 60 seconds on the clock with the Lord of The Rings soundtrack blasting in the background as students try to shoot an arrow through a hoop using the Z-Curve Bow. We randomly choose 3 students to take a shot at it, and if one of them is able to shoot an arrow though the hoop, they win a better than normal prize. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. The Z-Curve Bow. This thing is amazing, if you haven’t bought one yet, stop reading and...

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