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64 | How To Develop A Scope And Sequence For Your Youth Ministry

Description: Dallas (a youth pastor in South Carolina) wants to know why it’s so important to have a scope and sequence for your sermons and how to develop one that works for your unique context. In this episode, Elle shares what she’s learned about developing a scope and sequence, not only from educators, but also through the experience of creating one for Grow Curriculum and Annual Strategy. WHAT IS A SCOPE AND SEQUENCE? A scope is what you’ll teach. A sequence is when you’ll teach it. “Scope and sequence” is a term familiar to anyone in the education system, but...

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63 | Navigating Tragedy With Teenagers In Your Youth Ministry

Description: Adam Mashni joins Kenny and Elle to talk about navigating students through tragedy in youth ministry. When the news is filled with stories of tragedy, violence, and trauma, Briana (Snohomish, Washington) is wondering how to respond when students ask the question, “How could God allow this to happen?” In this episode, Adam Mashni from Willow Creek Community Church joins Kenny and Elle to share his own story of personal tragedy, what he learned from his experience, and how that experience helped him better navigate tragedy with his students. HOW TO NAVIGATE TRAGEDY WITH TEENAGERS   1. EMBRACE THE...

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Fifteen Minutes With Frank

Fifteen Minutes With Frank Visit Their Website  |  View on iTunes Want to grow as a Youth Worker but don’t have a ton of time? Spend 15 minutes with Frank each week as he talks about what he is doing in his youth group and sharing what is on his mind regarding student ministry. Fifteen Minutes With Frank - Episode 50 - Guest Speakers and Calling Parents During Youth Group We made it to episode 50!!! In this episode I talk about the guest speaker who came to my youth group and the tough call I had to...

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When you gonna be a real Pastor?

When you gonna be a real Pastor? Visit Their Website  |  View on iTunes A podcast focused on Youth Ministry at all levels. From Pastors to Parents, from Vocational to Volunteer, from the church of 50 to the church of 5,000 we are all about the Youth Worker. Our vision is uplift and encourage the Youth Pastors and Youth Workers. To help them see their work as a calling, a profession to which they have been uniquely equipped, and to grow as experts in their field. Hard Questions, REAL Answers - S2 - Ep. 011 Throughout the first...

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Kenny and Elle Campbell

Hi. We’re Kenny and Elle Campbell, founders of Stuff You Can Use. We’ve been doing youth ministry for over twenty combined years and love every second of it. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you find this resource helpful!

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