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Gaga Ball Overload: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: This is Gaga Ball with a little twist for when you have a bunch of players! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. 8 Walls or Gaga Pit. You don’t need to make your own gaga pit but if you have one amazing. We have used tables set up on their side to create a pit as well. 2. 4 Square Ball. Just your good old kickball with do the trick here Prep: For us we built a 2-2.5 foot wall out of pallets we chopped in half, since pallets do not equally split in half easily we created two...

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Izzy Dizzy: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: A great way to get everyone dizzy and compete against each other. Try running across a field after spinning around a few times, now try doing that with a cup full of water, welcome to izzy dizzy Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Two Baseball Bats. These will be used to spin around and make everyone a little extra dizzy 2. 5 Gallon Bucket (x4). Two of which will be full of water, the other two will be empty 3. Disposable Cups. Anyone playing in this game will need a cup Prep: This is your basic “izzy dizzy” spinning...

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Slip Ball: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: A good ole’ spin on kickball. This game keeps everyone having fun while adding us strategy and difficulty. Definitely a game to try! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. 4 Inflatable Kiddy Pools. These can be found at Walmart or Amazon, you decide. 2. 3 Playground Balls. You standard kickballs will work here! 3. Baby Oil. By baby oil we mean as much baby oil as your local dollar store sells! 4. Big Big Tarp. We remember that 90’s song “It’s a big big house” we want people to say that was a big big tarp. Serious people make it...

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Spray ‘Em Clean: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: Shoot em clean is a fun messy game using simple props that you will have laying around at home. A great way to get a little messy, this could be a great game to get your leaders covered in shaving cream and I’m sure your students will love it! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Shaving Cream. You going to want a good amount of this. Maybe even a can a person if you are feeling adventurous. 2. Goggles. The simple ones from Chemistry class will do. 3. Squirt Guns. You can buy some on Amazon or The Dollar...

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Saran Wrap Relay: Youth Group Games

SARAN WRAP RELAY [thrive_2step id='44731']FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] Quick Overview: A creative way to use a simple house hold object! Make sure you wrap them a couple times around so they can’t break out as easy. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Saran Wrap. This will be used to wrap each group of students 2. Course. This will be the course you lay out for each group to complete. You can use cones or have then run around chairs. Just make sure they know where they need to go. Prep: Set up your course! Make it challenging but...

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