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Pumpkin Slingshot: Youth Group Games

PUMPKIN SLINGSHOT Connect With Us: Do you have a question about this game? Did you play this game with your group? Did you modify it for your context? Did you add something to it to make it more exciting and fun? Please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! We would love to connect with you and there are thousands of youth workers that would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Do You Know Other Youth Workers? You know what to do. Share this with them, email this link to them, who wouldn’t want to know...

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Toe Jam: Youth Group Games

TOE JAM   [thrive_2step id='44731']FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] Quick Overview: Who doesn’t like getting their feet wet with a fun game. Let’s see how strong your students feet are as they try and collect some slippery marbles from a kiddie pool. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Kiddie Pool. Any kiddie pool will do, hard plastic or inflatable, it doesn’t matter! 2. Marbles.You will want a bunch of these. You can get them pretty cheap so buy around 100 so you can have more than enough. 3. Collection buckets. Anything container that is the same shape and size for each...

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Stack or Bowl: Youth Group Games

STACK OR BOWL [thrive_2step id='44731']FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] Quick Overview: This is such a fun game that combines strategy and skill. Don’t choose wrong on if you want to stack or bowl because it might just cost you the game. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Cardboard Boxes.You will need 12 boxes in total 2. Exercise Balls.You will need 6 total exercise balls 3. Duct Tape. One roll will more than suffice Prep: Split the room into two halves. In the front of the room tape a rectangle that is as wide as a cardboard box and as long...

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Human Space Invaders: Youth Group Games

HUMAN SPACE INVADERS [thrive_2step id='44731']FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] Quick Overview: Most of your students won’t even know what Space Invaders is but this is a great way to give them a taste of what arcade games were like, only now we are going to do it with real people! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Spike Tape. We use this tape all the time as it is super bright and easy to apply anywhere 2. Dodgeballs.You will probably want a over 20 dodgeball for this game. If you don’t have all dodgeballs, that’s fine, just find some beachballs or...

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Donut Hole: Youth Group Games

DONUT HOLE [thrive_2step id='44731']FREE SAMPLES OF GROW CURRICULUM: CLICK HERE[/thrive_2step] Quick Overview: One of the greatest game I have ever played. It incorporates everything amazing about any great game. Launching things, Making things messy and eating an unhealthy amount of an unhealthy food. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Donut Holes. These are called donut holes, munchkins or if you are from up north and have Tim Hortons we call them Timbits! You are going to want a lot so just make sure you buy over 100. Worst case you have left overs to give out later in the service. 2. Buckets...

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