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Crowd Skee Ball: Youth Group Games

CROWD SKI BALL Quick Overview: Everyone loves the classic arcade game, Skee Ball, so we decided to bring the fun to everyone and make it a crowd game! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Ramp made out of wood from home depot. Ours was 8ft long with a prop 2ft high to give us the incline. 2. Tennis Balls. Make sure to have at least 15 on hand 3. XXL T-Shirts (x4). You can find these at any Walmart 4. Buckets from the Dollar Store (x20).   Prep: Ramp to be placed and moved on stage in front of different teams...

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Behind The Teacher’s Back: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: A cool way of adding a screen game with an upfront game. There is math and extra large spit balls involved. A crazy game that kids won’t believe they actually got to play at church. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Paper Towels. A couple rolls should do you. 8 is a safe number to start with 2. Small Bucket / Bowls. Anything for your students to dip the paper towels in to make a big spit ball 3. Chalk Board. Anything that your spitballs will stick to will work, a wall or piece of plywood. We used a chalk...

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Thro’ Christmas Tree: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: Decorate the Christmas tree like never before! Why not pull out the good Ole’ Christmas tree for a little fun! Everyone loves the Christmas spirit but why not practice Christmas joy by throwing ornaments at the tree. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Christmas Tree.  You will want one with a solid base as there will be some high impact ornaments flying around. 2. Ornaments.  Make sure you have two different colors as this will be important for scoring. Prep: Place one color ornament in one container on one side of the room and place the other color ornament in...

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Bazooka Face Tank: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: This game is so fun. It’s super engaging for both contestants as well as fun to watch from the audience. Shoot play pen balls to another contest trying to catch them using a tote on their head. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Tennis Ball Launcher. From Amazon HERE 2. Play Pen Balls. 100 total. About 50 per shooter will do 3. Clear Totes. You will need 4 total, 2 of which you will cut a hole in the bottom Prep: Place 50 play pen balls in two of the clear totes. Cut a square hole in the bottom of the other...

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Candy Corn Bottle Flip: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview: Bottle Flipping is huge. Why not see who is the best flipper in your youth group. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Plastic Bottle. Empty out some plastic water bottles. You can use gatorade bottles as well but gatorade bottles are usually easier to flip. 2. Candy Corn.You can use candy corn or any candy for that matter. It makes it more fun to use candy instead of water. Prep: Empty the bottles completely and let them dry for a few days so that there is no moisture left in them. Fill each bottle with the same number of candy...

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