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MOVE UP DAY: Youth Group Games

MOVE UP DAY Quick Overview: As school is just around the corner or just started, why not make a big deal of all the students that are moving up into your ministry. We have 5th grade students joining our middle school ministry in a few weeks and we will be doing this for them! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Party Supplies. It can be anything from confetti to a banana suit. You will want to set this moment in time apart from everything else! Make these students feel like the most important people in the world. Make a big sign,...

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Cotton Brawl: Youth Group Games

COTTON BRAWL Quick Overview: Whenever you are missing the winter you can always pretend it’s snowing by having cotton balls fall from the sky and make it feel like Christmas again. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Cotton Balls. Get a bunch for this game!! 2. Leaf Blower (With Attachment). We used a standard leaf blower and attached clear PVC piping to the end of it. We then cut a hole big enough for cotton balls to go inside the tubing on the side of the PVC pipe closest to the lead blower.   3. Tarp. This will make your life easier...

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Dunk Effect: Youth Group Games

DUNK EFFECT Quick Overview: Not only does this game look awesome but it is so fun to play! Check you memory and skills all in the same game! Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Hamper Hoops. You can find these hoops HERE 2. PVC Pipes. These will be the supports that the hoops are attached to. 3. Pipe Bases. You will want to attach the pipes to something so they stand straight up. 4. Basketballs. We used “fake snowballs” that we had laying around, you could use playpen balls or mini basketballs if you have them.     Prep: Prepare you poles....

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Pantskiball: Youth Group Games

PANKSKIBALL Quick Overview: Have you ever considered using giant pants and launching dodge balls into the crowd to be collected in your oversized pants? Well we did and it was awesome. Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Giant Pant. Heres how this works. Go to Walmart and find the biggest par of sweat pants you can find, we are talking XXXL pants. Also purchase a hula hoop. Place the hula hoop on the interior of the elastic band and zip tie it in place. Welcome to the club, you now own giant pants!! 2. Dodgeballs. Anything that won’t hurt that is about the size...

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Ping Pong Blast: Youth Group Games

PING PONG BLAST Quick Overview: A high energy game full of strategy and lots of movement. See who can be the first team to fill their tube with ping pong balls Supplies You’ll Need: 1. Clear PVC. You might be able to find this at your local Hardware store, but we bought these 4 foot long pieces from Amazon. 2. Ping Pong Balls. 75-100 total will be good.     Prep: Prop up your PVC pipes. We drilled holes in a piece of wood to allow the PVC pipe to be held upright. Decide how you will scatter the ping pong...

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