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Ask Big: How to Recruit, Develop, and Retain Quality Volunteers

Ask Big: How to Recruit, Develop, and Retain Quality Volunteers This week, our team is at the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) National Conference talking about how to recruit, develop, and retain quality volunteers. Here’s a recap of our workshop! Get the Presentation Slides You got into youth ministry because you love teenagers, but by now, you’ve probably figured out . . . Youth ministry is not just about teenagers. It’s also about the adults who make ministry happen: your volunteers! If you want an effective youth ministry, you need great volunteers. But HOW? How do you recruit, develop, and retain a team of committed volunteers? We’ve learned a lot — sometimes by making big mistakes. When we were really hurting for volunteers, it was easy to think that our volunteers were the problem. But they weren’t. We were the problem. It wasn’t that we needed new volunteers. We just needed to take better care of the volunteers we already had. Our volunteer culture was broken, so we got to work on solving it. Step one was developing new strategies and resources. Next, we scheduled one-on-one meetings. Then, we rolled out big changes. After a few months, we saw shifts. Our volunteers started showing up and were more engaged and excited. They started inviting their friends to serve with them. Two years later, we had a waiting list. What we discovered...

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Use It! Children’s Ministry Newsletter

Every two weeks we’ll deliver these four things directly to your inbox… Helpful content on a specific children’s ministry topic. A fun game or object lesson that real children’s ministry workers are using with their kids! Our favorite “Amazon Product of the Week”. A free giveaway to one lucky children’s ministry worker, usually one of our favorite books. SIGN UP HERE TO RECEIVE “USE IT!” FREE: [thrive_leads...

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Student Cell Phone Basket: Use It! Newsletter Idea Spotlight (Wes Buckley)

This week’s idea spotlight is from Wes Buckley, Student Pastor at Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, VA. Student cell phone use can be a distraction and barrier to relationship building during youth group time. The Cell Phone Basket is a simple but effective technique to encourage students to voluntarily take time away from their phones while they’re at youth group! Student Cell Phone Basket Technique Description: At the beginning of the night, set out a large container; this could be a basket, a bucket, a storage cube, or any other containers you have on hand (feel free to get creative). As students walk in, give them the option to check in their phones, which are then placed in the designated container. As the night progresses, choose a time to draw one student’s phone out of the bucket. Whoever’s phone is chosen wins a prize! Students are able to pick up their phones at the end of the program. Student Cell Phone Basket Tips: 1) Choose Prizes With Your Audience in Mind Because this method allows students to choose whether or not they want to participate, they will naturally weigh the costs and benefits of giving up access to their phones. Choose prizes that will be attractive to the groups of students that you really want to encourage to participate. Prizes could include: Event registration discounts T-shirts Gift Cards Free food...

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