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Refocusing Your Volunteers in the New Year

This week, now that we’re all back in our offices and kicking off 2013, we’re talking about getting refocused for the new year. Yesterday we looked at refocusing our ministries, and today we’ll keep it going by talking about refocusing our volunteers.

If you’ve been in ministry for any length of time, you’ve probably already discovered that your volunteers are really important. Like, really, really important. So, ministry leaders, as we hit the ground running in 2013 with all of our new ideas, innovative strategies, and fresh vision, remember – we can’t make the mistake of leaving our volunteers behind. 

Fresh ideas, strategies, and vision in the new year are great. And necessary. And awesome. But if we fail to cast that fresh vision to our volunteers – if we fail to lead them well – our fancy new ideas are probably going to fail too.

So what do we do? How do we help our volunteers get refocused on their roles and responsibilities in the new year? How do we help them find fresh motivation for the second half of the school year? Well, here are a few things we’re thinking about…


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Refocusing Your Ministry in the New Year

This week, as we launch into 2013 and get back into the grind at the office, we wanted to chat for a second about getting refocused in the new year – today, we’ll start by chatting about getting refocused in our ministries.

One of the best things Kenny and I have done for our Middle School Ministry has been to establish a rhythm of reevaluating our ministry. Twice a year (usually on the heels of a nice vacation, away from the office), we spend time talking through our vision and goals for our ministry… brainstorming new approaches and ideas… looking at what we do through fresh eyes… and being really honest about the things that need work.

We had one of those “refocusing” sessions a few days ago and we thought it would be fun to give you a little inside look into that conversation…


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REVIEW | Lead Small

This week on the blog, we’ve been talking about some simple, practical ideas to better train, equip, and lead our Small Group Leaders.

We’ve already talked about our 11 favorite small group things at our Small Group Leader Supplies Station and how to make a Small Group Leader Library, but today we’re going to wrap up the conversation by introducing you to a book for Small Group Leaders that we’re really excited about.

Like… really excited about.

It’s called Lead Small: Five Big Ideas Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know. It’s written by Reggie Joiner (the brain behind Orange), and Tom Shefchunas (the Middle School Ministry guy at Northpoint).


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HOW TO | Make a Small Group Leader Library

This week on the blog, we’re featuring some ideas that we’re hoping will help you better train, equip, and lead your Small Group Leaders. Why? Because we think Small Group Leaders are some of the most important people in the world. For me and Kenny, they’re the people who are doing the majority of the hands-on ministry in the lives of our middle schoolers. And because they’re so important and wonderful and essential to what we do, we want to do everything we possibly can to help our Small Group Leaders be the best people, Jesus-followers, and Small Group Leaders they can possibly be.

Thus… our Small Group Leader Library.

We mentioned this Library idea on Monday, when we gave you a peek at our 11 favorite small group supplies – the 11 things that we always keep on hand for our Small Group Leaders.

The idea for this Small Group Leader Library came about for a pretty simple reason – we wanted to help our team continue learning and growing so that they could be the best Small Group Leaders ever. So we collaborated with our High School Ministry, came up with a list of our favorite books, and decided to make them available to our volunteers – in a library format!

So today, we want to give you a closer look at that Library, as well as some step-by-step instructions so you can make one yourself. Ready? Here we go…


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11 Must-Have Small Group Supplies

When Kenny and I aren’t doing Stuff You Can Use, we’re doing Middle School Ministry at an awesome church in Buffalo, NY. It’s pretty fun. We’re learning a lot, we’re trying a lot, and part of the reason this blog exists is so we can share with you some of our experiences and experiments. Maybe some things we share will spark something really genius in your ministry context. That’s what we’re up to in today’s post.

One of our personal core philosophies in ministry is this: in everything we do, we want to set up our Small Group Leaders to win with their students. In every aspect of ministry, we want to give our Small Group Leaders every opportunity and resource they need to be successful. Because they’re the heart and hands of what we do.

One of the ways we’ve tried to do that has been to create a Small Group Leader Supply Station. It’s sort of a one-stop shop for anything and everything our Small Group Leaders (or SGL’s) might need. Today, we wanted to give you a peek at it!


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