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6 Ways to Make a Backdrop for Your Room, Stage, or Videos

Whether your ministry meets in a single classroom, a large theater with a stage, or that DIY video studio you made to help you make it through this pandemic, we all want our spaces to look cool, right? One easy way to keep your ministry space looking fresh and interesting is to create a backdrop that’s easy to update when you start a new teaching series or just need a new look. There are countless ways to create versatile backdrops for your rooms or stages, but here are six methods we love because they’re so easy to update! To...

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How to Teach in Circles

In Volume 3 of Grow Youth Ministry Curriculum and Strategy, we’re trying something special with our series called Doubt It! Here’s an article from the author (Irene Cho) to help you create and lead through this unique set-up. If you typically teach in a sermon format with discussion afterward, we recommend trying something new for the Doubt It series. For this series, have your students sit in circles in groups of 6 or 8 (with one adult per circle) for the entire teaching time. If you already have small groups assigned, split students into their regular small groups for the entire...

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How to Create a “Do Something” Board

If you’re using Grow Curriculum, you might find this post handy for our series More Than a Hashtag, a 4-week series on biblical justice. If you’re not using Grow, that’s okay! Feel free to use these ideas anyway. Hey there! You probably found your way here through Grow Curriculum and Strategy. In our teaching series for students called More Than a Hashtag, we suggested building a Do Something Board — a place where you can display ideas and resources that your students can use in order to “do something” that works toward justice in the name of Jesus. We recommend compiling a bunch...

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3 New Games from The Middle School Ministry Campference

There are plenty of reasons why The Middle School Ministry Campference is one of the most incredible events for youth workers ever created, but here’s a big one . . . because the incredible Katie Edwards and Kurt Johnston will teach you tons of fun (and easy) new games for your ministry. Here are our three favorites from this year, along with the videos we posted on our Instagram story. EXTREME TIC-TAC-TOE It’s Tic-Tac-Toe . . . but way more extreme because it’s also a relay race. Here’s how to make it happen. HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES & CUP This...

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