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Have you ever heard of something called a mastermind group? 

Mastermind groups were pioneered by business leaders and entrepreneurs who wanted to see themselves and their businesses grow really quickly. And they discovered the best way to do that was through community and collaboration

So mastermind groups were born! They are, essentially, groups of people who meet with a common goal in mind – and that goal is getting better at what they do. They’re for people who want to push themselves. Who want to set big goals and actually accomplish those goals, too.

Usually, mastermind groups are no larger than 10 people, they meet either online or in person, and they exist to help their members . . .

set goals together.
challenge each other.
learn from, and with,
each other.

So if mastermind groups work so well for entrepreneurs, Kenny and I have been thinking . . . a youth ministry mastermind group would be awesome!

Here’s why we’re thinking a mastermind group would help us (and you) be better at youth ministry.



Whether you’re feeling a little lonely in ministry right or you’ve got more friends than you know what to do with (congratulations), adding a few likeminded youth worker friends to your network is always a plus. Don’t underestimate the emotional support, the connections, and the future opportunities that can come from a mastermind group.


The primary purpose of a mastermind group is for its members to learn and to grow. But this isn’t the kind of learning you get from books or theories. This the kind of learning you get only from experience. In a mastermind group, members share their real-world experiences, issues, questions, struggles, and successes. And then, as a group, you dissect and learn from those experiences together.


Few things make me happier than seeing youth pastors work together and support each other for the sake of the kids and the Gospel that we all love. One simple way to do that is to simply share your best ideas and borrow the great ideas of others (because we all run low on ideas and inspiration at times). Mastermind groups are a perfect platform for that kind of idea-sharing.


Because mastermind groups meet regularly, they’re an opportunity for its members to invite each other into the process of brainstorming, launching, and leading change in one another’s organizations. As youth pastors, it is so important to ask for outside feedback, especially when we’re trying something new. With a mastermind group, you’ll be able to ask for advice from a small group of trusted peers, who know you and your ministry, but who can still give you unbiased and objective feedback. That’s huge.


There’s a lot to love about mastermind groups, but this might be the best part. In a mastermind group, you’ll get access to personalized coaching from the group leader and from the other group members, too. Because mastermind groups are all about collaboration. They’re not led by just one expert. They’re groups of likeminded people who all have a little bit of genius in them. (And pssst . . . we’ve all got a little bit of genius in us.)

So are mastermind groups for everyone? Nope.

You should definitely not join a mastermind group if:

You know everything.
You’re done growing.
You want to get something from a group, but not give something to it.

And if you do want to join a mastermind group… well, you could just jump into ours. 🙂

Because the best way to learn and grow is together.